A small business owner is expected to have all the answers. Whether it’s related to communication, marketing, customers, finances and employees, you have to examine everything.

Does this sound similar? You must be searching for ways to increase productivity then. Fortunately, life can become a bit easier with productivity apps. There are a bunch of apps you and your employees can use daily to stay on top of the tasks and meet productivity goals.

Start using these apps right away to experience the difference:

1: RescueTime

This happens often. You reach the end of the workday and wonder where it went. When I subscribed to WOW Internet unlimited for my workplace, I found my employees wasting their time on the web rather than focusing on work.

With ResuceTime, you can track the amount of time you spend on websites, social media sites, and apps. You can set alerts to flag whenever you spend too much time on certain apps or activities. All this tracking happens automatically. RescueTime helped me manage how my employees spent their time on the web.

2: Wunderlist

Wunderlist helps create an effective to-do list. After creating task lists, you can share them with whoever you want. The lists sync automatically and others can see which tasks have been completed.

It’s a highly powerful business app. You can also delegate tasks to team members, create subtasks, set deadlines, add notes and create reminders. The basic version of this app is free. Wunderlist for business costs $4.99 per user.

3: Basecamp

It’s a great project management app and surprisingly very easy to use. It has an intuitive and streamlined interface. You can chat within the projects, create checklists, attach files, invite collaborators and track the progress of tasks. It also lets you create workflow calendars and keep everyone on the same page.

If you have straightforward projects and you don’t want your team to devote their time to learning a new system, Basecamp is a great option.

4: Woven

It’s a great calendar tool. Woven uses AI to assist you in keeping your commitments straight. It also won the 2019 Apply Award for the best productivity app. With features such as availability pools, appointment templates, advanced time analytics, and transit maps, scheduling will become faster than expected. Plus, it’s pretty straightforward to use as compared to other tools.

5: Trello

Trello is one of the highly visual project management apps. You can create lists on the board, and move cards as the project status changes. Apart from creating a checklist, you can attach files, assign members to each card and the team members can leave comments. You can also chat directly on each card. This way, you won’t lose track of what’s happening in each project/card.

6: HelloSign

It’s an app that lets you sign documents on the go. it is not for employees, it’s for business owners who have to sign documents often. With HelloSign, you can edit, sign and send documents through your mobile device.

It integrates with Google Docs, Salesforce, Gmail, and Oracle. You can also use it for keeping track of the contracts and agreements that have been approved.

7: Asana

It’s a project management tool that lets you assign tasks, keep track of progress, share notes and upload files. You can collaborate with other employers (marketing teams, designers, salespeople and more) as well.

It lets you stay top of the tasks that are urgent. As the day ends, you can check them off your list. Dropbox, Google Drive, and Slack can be integrated with Asana. It helps you catch your breath when there is so much to do.

8: Todoist

It’s another app to get organized. Why not free up that brain space and just list everything down using Todoist. It is similar to Asana. It lets you digitize your daily, weekly and monthly to-do list. Then, you can keep track of each task, delegate roles and take steps towards achieving your goals.

9: QuickBooks

Small businesses that don’t have an accountant often use QuickBooks. It’s highly easy to navigate with its simple interface. With QuickBooks, you can send invoices on the go, keep track of the business finances, view balances, approve estimates and integrate it with other services like PayPal. Its basic version costs $15 a month, which is affordable than hiring an accountant.

10: My Minutes

With My Minutes, you can set minimum and maximum time on each personal goal. In other words, it lets you manage the amount to time you should actually put into a task.

When the streaks change to green, you will be motivated to get the tasks done ASAP. This app is free to use and it can help you with personal and business productivity. I even used My Minutes to call WOW customer service number. I created the target of getting my issue resolved within 15 minutes and it really helped me manage my time.