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Developers have always loved NodeJs ever since its launch. With its open source cross-platform runtime environment written in JavaScript, NodeJs becomes an exceptional choice for real-time applications. Packed with features which have helped it become a top choice for developers when they consider web application development and a top choice to hire Node.js developers for website development.

Node.js also allows developers to create web servers and networking tools that are robust and matured. Also, the applications can run on a variety of servers including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Unix. Plus, since the inbuilt library offers the extended features to applications to act as web servers.

Node.js cannot go unnoticed necessarily for the reason it has a plethora of effective solutions that helps in developing amazing websites. Here are 10 fascinating websites built with Node.js.

1. Michel Berger Hotel

A hotel website reflecting the Michelberger’s unique status as one of Berlin’s defining creative hotbeds. The website also has a state-of-the-art booking experience on top.

2. Hinderer Wolff

A unique website that speaks volumes with its customer. The overall aesthetics and modern design built with Node.js NPM packages provides a different power to the website.

3. Basei Brewery

You are looking at a beer web-manifesto. Built for those who want to drink quality products, without any compromise.

4. Womenwill The Divide

The website will just pull you in with its amazing interactive experience and design. The Divide is a customised editorial that offers in any location a unique journey between perception and reality of men and women’s lives across Asia.

5. America Off Balance

America Off Balance is a digital experience Institute which helps both the public and academics understand the micro and macro effects of the national debt in fantastic way.

6. Studio Job

The website provides a once in a lifetime experience. You might have never seen something like this before. The website reflects their unique DNA as well as their wide variety of work in one single page.

7. Codewise Unicorns

A website of Polish Professional CS:GO team which focuses on the news about the team, its results and also on live coverage of Unicorns’ matches.

8. Diatech

This is corporate site for DIATECH company with modelled the phonon diagnostics process and integrated it into the website in the form of a slider with 3D video on the homepage.

9. Face your fate

The website is classy reflection of what happened after Halloween fans found out how scared they’d look if they were stalked by The Shape with custom created videos that put their faces into the movie.

10. Land life company

The company’s core mission is to help reforest the world’s 2 billion hectares of degraded land. Based in Amsterdam & operating across 25 countries.


These websites are the perfect representation of what happens when you hire Node.js developers who are masters in their field. Packed with performance and alluring user interface, they give tough competition to their competitors.

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