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Sesame seeds are little, oil-rich seeds that have numerous potential medicinal properties and have been used in ancients home remedies for centuries. They help fight against coronary diseases, diabetes boosts immunity system and arthritis. But, you need to eat them in sufficient amounts to reap its health benefits.

Here are 10 health benefits of sesame seeds:

1. Great Source of Fiber

Sesame seeds are great for the digestive system because of their high fiber content.

Fiber is acknowledged for supporting digestion. It helps lower the risk of obesity and other diseases. Three tablespoons of sesame seeds per day fulfill daily fiber intake.

2. May Lower Cholesterol

Research studies show that eating sesame seeds may help reduce high cholesterol and triglycerides which are hazardous for coronary diseases.

Sesame seeds may help lessen risks of heart disease, including high triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels.

3. Source of Plant Protein

Protein is important for your health, as it helps build everything from muscles to hormones.

It is a great source of protein and rich in amino acids. This is a good protein source choice for vegans as they don’t consume animal protein sources.

4. Support Healthy Bones

Sesame seeds are abundant in several healthy nutrients that lift bone health, as it has calcium in it.

Although, sesame seeds have several natural contents called oxalates and phytates, antinutrients that decrease the retention of these minerals.

To reduce these compounds effect, soak roast or sprout the seeds. It helps the absorption of vital nutrients like calcium, zinc, magnesium, and magnesium.

5. Boosts Blood Cells Formation

To make RBCs (red blood cells), your body needs a few supplements and sesame seeds have few of them.

It contains iron, copper and vitamin B6 which helps make hemoglobin and carries oxygen to the red blood cells.

6. Good Source of Antioxidants

Sesame seeds are rich in antioxidants and research studies show that the intake of sesame seeds may boost the general measure of antioxidant activities in your blood, cleanse the blood and reduces the inflammation.

It contains antioxidants that help fight oxidative stress that can damage your cells and elevate the risk of chronic diseases. Furthermore, sesame seeds contain vitamin E in them which flush out toxins out of your body.

7. Strengthens Immune System

Sesame seeds are a decent source of vital health nutrients essential for your immune system, including zinc, copper, selenium, iron, vitamin B6, and vitamin E.

These nutrients strengthen the immune system and activate white cells that fight against microbes.

8. Relieves Rheumatoid Arthritis

Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis is the most widely recognized reason for joint pain and oftentimes damage the knees.

Sesamin, a compound in sesame seeds, has mitigating and antioxidant properties that help protect your ligament (cartilage). It supports the mobility of knees in arthritis or other bone problems.

Research studies show that people with knee arthritis who ate 40 grams of sesame seeds daily, experienced a decrease in knee pain as compared to those who were on medications alone.

9. Aids Thyroid Health

Sesame seeds are a decent source of selenium. This mineral helps in making thyroid hormones.

Sesame seeds are also a great source of iron, copper, zinc, and vitamin B6, which likewise aids the production of thyroid hormones and thyroid health.

10. Simple to Add to Your Diet

Sesame seeds can give a nutty flavor, enhances the flavor and add a soft crunchiness to a number of dishes.


Have a go at adding sesame seeds to:

  • pan-sears
  • steamed veggies
  • granola and granola bars
  • Salads
  • bread and biscuits
  • yogurt
  • smoothies
  • Salad dressings
  • Garnishes and sauces
  • Oriental dishes


You can also use sesame seed butter as an alternative to other butter. Use ground sesame seeds, sesame flour to make smoothies, baked goods, tempura batter, sticky sauces for Chinese cuisines and more.

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