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outdoor camping tools

Are you going to an outdoor camping tour? And you are new to outdoor camping trip then you must be prepared to leave your comfy sofas. Because your personality can adapt to every changing situation and find a loophole to escape from everyday hustle-bustle where you can sit back and enjoy nature. However, a camping site can be full of challenges and the camper should be ready to face them for survival while spending a few hours or maybe days in the midst of nature.

Nature can be very beautiful and sometimes dangerous. So, we must have everything needed in this situation in our backpack.

We are going to discuss “10 multi-purpose outdoor survival tools” that we should be always there in your backpack.

1. MAP

The 1st and most important tool is a map. Before you plan to explore nature, you must study your desired campsite to be fully aware of the pros and cons of camping. Nobody wants to go in the middle of nowhere and get trapped there for good. So before you go, take a map, study every enters and exits and ensure the human-friendly environment.

2. Cutting Tools

How horrible it would be if you run out of gas and you need wood for the fire? Or if you face a dangerous animal and you have no weapons to get rid of it? Here’s an amazing survival tool which is  > Damascus steel kitchen knife < This is a multipurpose knife which can not only cut fruits, veggies and meat but also helps in splitting wood for cooking, ropes, traps and sticks to frighten and to survive against dangerous animals. Having a knife in your pocket in the middle of nature ensures your safety.

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3. First Aid Box

First aid box is one of the most important tool that we need in an outdoor camping tour. No one is perfect, thus we must carry bandages, pain killers, ibuprofen, sanitizers, bug sprays, anti-allergies and other medicines to be used in the hour of need.

4. Outdoor Technologies

While camping, you’ll find such tracks where there will be no source of electricity and only your torchlight or lantern available to you. In that case, this will be life taking if you run out of batteries in the middle of the night. So, grab batteries as per need and don’t forget your torchlight.

5. Cameras

Who does not want to capture the delightful moments spent with nature. Carrying cameras and all of its essentials will make your camping more enjoyable.

6. Cooking Supplies

No camping is complete without a barbecue. So either lighting up wood or using a stove and other kitchen supplies to make camping more beautiful makes your time memorable. So don’t forget to bring your kitchen supplies.

7. Purifier

Well, as you have already studied about that place but it does not ensure the availability of everything. So you must carry cans of water and/or purifier (in case you run out of mineral water) along with you.

8. Extra blankets

As humans, we can adjust with some weather conditions but no one can predict the exact temperature at a specific place. So you have to be well prepared for extreme weather conditions and bring extra blankets with you. Moreover, in order to meet unexpected happenings those blankets must be waterproof and fireproof.

9. Extra warm clothes

Weather condition is sometimes really unpredictable. So, you should carry extra clothes with you like sweaters, socks, trousers etc.

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10. Robe

While moving forward in your journey, you might need ropes to either fence up your tents or tie up your torn tents. So rope is really needed in this condition.


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