A magical continent that keeps on giving, you won’t be stranded for attractive destinations in a continent with 48 countries, each beautiful in their own unique ways. From the fiercely modern yet surprisingly natural Hong Kong to the wondrous Singapore that is astoundingly an island within a nation and vice versa, we scour Asia to bring to your attention ten visit-worthy places:

1) Kyoto, Japan
Where else would you see kimono-clad geishas sprinting underneath gas-light alleyways between sliding door houses to hurry to an afternoon tea ceremony, if not Kyoto? It is one of Japan’s most cultural and historical cities, famous for its temples, ancient buildings, and beautiful paradises engulfed in lush nature

2) Singapore, Singapore
Singapore city takes the very best of Asian diversity, mixing and blending that into a cosmopolitan pot serving up some of the best cultural stew. If not for wondrous architectural feats like the Tree house, visit Singapore for its impressive foods and lovely shores.

3) Hong Kong, China
If a riveting skyline is is your ultimate pleasure, Hong Kong will send you into an eccentric frenzy. Its spectacularly-lit cityscape is its most prized possession, followed closely by a traditional Hong Kong massage, an international shopping scene, several pristine islands, and some of the very best festivals.

4) Bali, Indonesia
Tending to the needs of surfer dudes, history buffs, snorkelers, and backpackers, Bali ensures everyone’s taste buds meet their satisfaction. Famous for hip beach resorts, Hindu temples of yesteryears, and impressively terraced rice paddies, there’s no place like the coral-smooched island of Bali.

5) The Golden Triangle, India
Agra, Jaipur, and Delhi constitute the triple threat trademark of India, offering world-renowned landmarks like the iconic Taj Mahal. For more scenes that you’ll have you thinking you walked into an Aladdin set, look to the sandstone palace of Hawa Mahal in Jaipur’s Pink City.

6) Bangkok, Thailand
Koh Samui and Phuket are famous Thailand hotspots, proving a playground for the rich and famous thanks to opulent villas built overlooking magical sunsets and shores. Even more impressive is the capital of Bangkok, famous for Buddhism construction wonders such as Wat Pho.

7) Shanghai, China
On the global radar for its financial power, Shanghai promises lovely waterfront promenades featuring some of Asia’s best cuisines and most luxurious joints, most notably the planet’s largest Starbucks!

8) Siem Reap, Cambodia

Speaking of worldwide feats, serene Cambodia is another that makes the Asian continent proud, presenting the largest religious moment in the way of the 800-year-old temple of Angkor Wat. Around it, spiral a peaceful nature complimenting ponds and pine trees rustling with hundreds of years of history.

9) Langkawi, Malaysia
Why would you take a flight to Malaysia? The close to 1500 foot-high Petronas Towers is one good reason, as is the place on which it stands: a tropical island with panoramic turquoise views all around. Home to scenic cable cars and swanky resorts, this secluded location is exotically dreamy.

10) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Another Asian city that has made a name for itself on account of an eyebrow-raising skyline, wealthy Dubai is the place to be for architectural ingenuities like the Burj Khalifa, otherwise known as the tallest skyscraper in existence!

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