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Maintaining good eyesight and proper vision is most vital for every person to follow for improving the quality of life. Everyday practices can stave off vision-related issues. So, follow these tips to keep your eyesight sharp and healthy. Now wondering what those options are? Read the article and find out the best practices that you can travel along to ward off vision-related diseases and other eye problems. Check out the tips now!

10 Best practices to improve vision and keep eyesight sharp:

Here is the list of tips that, when followed can protect your eye health in the coming years. So, lean on these tips, enhance your eyesight and improve the vision on your own.

1) Eat a balanced diet: Eating a well-balanced diet plays a major role to intensify eye health and overall well-being. Pile up your plate with foods rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A, green leafy vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds to boost eye health. Fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acid and hence the intake of it can reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration. Consuming foods with a little amount of antioxidants can accumulate free radicals, which harm your macula. Foods rich in fats can shrink the blood flow in the arteries. So, always opt for a balanced diet

2) Have a good night’s sleep: Recharge your eyes with a good night’s sleep. This can support you with a healthy vision and strong eyes. If you have any concerns on your sleeping patterns, seek medical care immediately. Your doctor may do a thorough physical examination and based on your symptoms he may suggest a few medications to ease the issue. Now order prescription drugs online and choose your medicines from the best online medicine companies in India.

3) Wear sunglasses and anti-glare glasses: When you head out, protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful radiation such as UVA and UVB by wearing sunglasses. It helps to guard your eyes from the risk of macular degeneration and cataract problems. Also, to reduce the glare from strong light sources, it is best to wear anti-glare glasses. This enhances vision clarity and provides a better visual experience.

4) Exercise regularly: Exercising regularly not only keep your body healthy but also trims the extra fat from the waistline. This helps in reducing the risk of diabetes, obesity and other severe health complications. The development of obesity or diabetes can affect the blood vessels in the eyes leading to diabetic retinopathy. Studies have already reported that brisk walking can minimize the chance of blooming macular degeneration by up to 70%.

5) Avoid dehydration: Drinking enough water and keeping yourself well hydrated can protect your eyes from dryness and irritation.

6) Quit smoking: Yes! We all know that smoking is bad for the lungs, but, it is also bad for your eyes as it increases the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. Also, quitting smoking can protect the blood vessels present in the body from inflammation.

7) Wash your hands frequently: Frequent hand washing is so important to maintain eye health, especially if you are wearing a contact lens or having eye infections avoid spreading of diseases. If you are suffering from pink eyes or viral or bacterial conjunctivitis, wash your

hands with an alcohol sanitizer which contains at least 60% alcohol to avoid spreading it to the other eye. Buy OTC medicines online and save your money and time in one go.

8) Use safety glasses: Wear safety glasses and goggles to protect your eyes from injuries, bacteria’s, dust particles and other infections. Try to wear while swimming, playing sports, working in factories, doing construction works and home repairs.

9) Practice 20-20-20 rule: The best rule to keep your eyes sharp is to practice 20-20-20 rules. Yes! If you are staring at your computer continuously, then for every 20 minutes, take a break from seeing the monitor and gaze on objects that are 20 feet away for 20 seconds. It promotes you with a good posture, improves blood circulation throughout the body, and keeps your eyes healthy.

10) Annual eye check-up: Visiting eye doctor once in a year is mandatory to determine the risk of eye infections and eye diseases. Optic nerve test, vision test to check for far-sighted or near-sighted, age-related vision issues to name a few are some regular eye examination suggested by doctors for checking the eyesight to keep eyes and vision healthy. So, visit your nearest doctor and protect your eyes from unhealthy issues before it strikes at you!

Follow the above-listed eye care habits, daily to protect your eyes from infections and diseases. Don’t neglect these easy-to-do tips, just follow it and make it a part of your routine! Include a healthy, balanced food daily in your diet to keep your eyes sharp and healthy always.

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