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Diversity of cultures, populations, ethnicities, influences, to which we must add colonizations for several centuries. The sum of culinary practices and ingredients in India for centuries and centuries have left a wealth difficult to overcome.

The following is just a small selection of traditional dishes with a high probability of being found in street stalls and restaurants on a trip through India :

1. Momo

Momo is a dish of Tibetan origin, a ball of cooked barley flour dough and stuffed with minced pork or lamb seasoned with coriander / coriander. Also very popular in Nepalese cuisine and in West Bengal.

2. Uttapam (or Indian pizza)

Also Uthathaappam , or simplified as “Indian pizza”, is a dough base of lentil flour and rice flour that is cooked thinly and usually stuffed. It is served with tomatoes, or in an onion sauce with a mixture of vegetables.

3. Biryani

Biryani is made based on rice with a mixture of spices (cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, coriander and mint leaves), meat, vegetables and yogurt. There is a huge amount of varieties of this dish in each region of India. It is made in a saucepan and ingredients from each region are included.

4. Jalebi

The jalebi is a sweet Indian cuisine, but also in Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is a mixture of dough soaked in syrup (syrup), with its particular random ring shape or similar to a pretzel and orange.

5. Idli

Idli is a preparation based on legumes typical of the Indian subcontinent. Especially with black lentil, it is usually served at the beginning of the day or as a snack.

6. Gulab Jamun

A recipe that could arise in the east of the country, gulab jamun is a sweet made with a dough of powdered milk and flour sweetened with sugar, rose water, cardamom and colored with saffron threads. It has the shape of small balls that cook in a few minutes.

7. Kati roll

It is a very common street food in Calcutta, with a number of variants under the generic name of Kati Roll. Actually a wide variety of fillings wrapped in Indian flatbread or paratha (with kebab, eggs, vegetables and spices)

8. Tandoori chicken

The tandoori chicken and tandoori chicken is simply grilled chicken, marinated in yogurt but seasoned with spices tandoori masala, also with garlic, ginger, cumin, paprika and spices by region and variants. It is a spicy dish (Cayenne pepper is also used).

9. Rajma

A vegetarian dish widely spread in northern India, rajma is prepared with red beans, thick curry and a variety of spices that is usually served together with rice.

10. Pani Puri

Panipuri is a popular snack, a “crunchy sphere” very easy to find in the streets of Mumbai, Delhi, Lahore, Dhaka, Calcutta. A hollow and crunchy dough is often filled with a mixture of tamarind, chili, chaat masala, potatoes, onion and chickpea.

11. Banana Chip

Banana chips , or banana chips, are simple slices of fried or dried plantain to which you can add salt, honey or spices. The version of Kerala is known as upperi, and it is cooked fried in coconut oil (it can have spicy or sweet variants).

12. Baigan Bharta

Baigan bharta is another common dish in India and Pakistan, vegetarian based on chopped vegetables, eggplant, fresh coriander, pepper, onion and with a smoky flavor since it is prepared on charcoal grill or direct fire. It is often accompanied with flat Indian bread (paratha) and rice with yogurt sauce.

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