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3 Experiments of Memes that Have Been Successful All Over the World

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the dankest memes ever

The problem with life is that it is just too serious. It is demanding and hardly gives us any respite when you are looking for a breather. So, if you are thinking of getting a break from all the seriousness of life or perhaps deal with some important thing with a pinch of laughter, then memes can be the best way to do that.

There had been a time when cartoons, mostly satires, were known to be a very popular medium of expression. Since ages, it has been used for plain harmless humor as well as for criticizing systems, government, and authorities. But now, in the age of social media, when the attention span of people has reduced to average 8 seconds, cartoons have become less popular. But, the newest addition, the dankest memes of all time, are not only winning hearts but also conveying useful messages too while spreading harmless humor. So, in the following points, we are going to talk about memes and how successful they are in some experiments. Let’s take a look.

In Spreading Social Messages:

Since the last decade, we have been seeing many social stigmas falling apart when awareness is on a rise. When you are trying to spread social awareness on something, no matter how much serious content you write or how many social media posts you do, it will only appeal to the niche audience who are already aware of the issues and who want to deal with them anyway. But when you are giving it a humorous touch, it will appeal to a lot of people. This is how issues like homophobia, LGBTQ rights, awareness about women’s hygiene, stigma against menstruation and so many issues around the world have been talked about through memes. Currently, mental health issues are on rise as per reports of WHO which says that at least one person amongst four is dealing with mental illness all around the world. And if you look around, you will find thousands of memes talking about this issue with a humorous touch only to reach more audience and create awareness while alienating the myth that mental illness isolates people. So, you can see that the dankest memes ever are actually leaving contribution.

In Criticizing Authority:

Owing to the reach of social media, it has become imperative that you come up with the content that is visual, funny and sharable. So, when you are opposing the authority or the government for their decisions, and looking for ways to create a stir amongst people, memes can be your medium. From coming up with new jokes with the statement to using memes as reactions to the government decisions, memes are everywhere. From criticizing Donald Trump to Narendra Modi, you can find the dominance of memes all over the internet. Moreover, when you can easily tag, forward, share the attractive and funny visual content on various social media platforms, do you need any better idea?dankest memes of all time

To Have Fun:

Wishing people at daybreak or at night is too mainstream. But when you are adding a bit of wit and humor to it, you are actually being thoughtful. So, in the world of social interaction, memes have been playing such an important role for a long time now. You can easily post and tag your friends on memes. Or you can forward the memes easily through online chat groups for fun conversations.

So, now as you know about the successful use of the memes that can actually be said constructive, what are you waiting for? Join the communities for interesting and fun memes and spread the smile!

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