The Caribbean islands have become the definition of perfect holiday bliss over the years, wowing the masses with artistic scenery that may prove heaven is real. The popularity of these islands has skyrocketed on the global scene, attracting famous singers, celebrities, and political personalities in search of a unique holiday. If you are on the hunt for the vacation of a lifetime, you’re in the right place for answers, as here are the three mostamazing Caribbean destinations:

1) Jamaica
One of, if not the most, popular hotspots of the region, Jamaica is a fairytale island nation where beautiful blue seas drown all your troubles away. The birthplace of reggae is home to the most enticing beaches and has a brimming culture that’ll have history buffs licking their lips. Be sure to make some time for the Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay, named so after news got around that the water had healing properties. We don’t know if that’s true, but the views are magical!

Jamaica is also known for the incredible bamboo raft rides across Martha Brae River, and scenic national parks such as John Crow and the Blue Mountains. Reggae fans meanwhile have to stop by the Bob Marley Museum in the nation’s capital, Kingston. His favorite guitar is on display alongside many Marley memorabilia available for purchase to visitors.

2) Anguilla
Anguilla’s beauty and treasures were long hidden in whispers, but now word has spread, and the world is beginning to take notice of the incredible 35 square mile island. There are 33 bountiful beaches for tourists to enjoy, each tapered with transparent turquoise waters that sneak around patches of ashy beaches. In particular, great beach options include Meads, Maundays, Rendezvous, and Shoal bay beaches. Off the water, you’re sure to enjoy intriguing cays, namely Prickly Pear and Sandy Island cay. They offer perfect snorkeling in an underwater rife with sea turtles and colorful tropical fish. More fun in the water comes in the way of Little Bay, a small cove nestled between jugged cliffs and offering refreshing waterfalls and excellent scuba diving sports. Additionally, don’t forget to try out the impressive local flavors, especially the roadside barbecue.

3) Cayman Islands
A group of three breathtaking islands on the western Caribbean makeup Cayman, which is built for holiday relaxation of all manner. The archipelago’s marine life is one of its most famous highlights, and that is on display at Stingray City, where snorkelers explore the clear turquoise water while playing with and feeding stingrays. If you don’t fancy the stingrays, the view from atop a catamaran is more than good enough.

Away from the alien-looking creatures, you can have more fun on the sand at the Seven Mile Beach. If you get accommodation here, you’ll be privy to amazing sunsets and lovely waters perfect for a nice mid-afternoon dip. You can also go bird watching on the Cayman Islands, which are home to interesting varieties like the northern flicker and the West Indian woodpecker. The Cayman Crystal Caves, a limestone paradise under the earth, are yours for the taking as well. Save the date!

Are you looking to sail Caribbean on your next holiday? These three amazing locations highlight the pick of the bunch as far as the Caribbean goes. You’re certain to have the time of your life!