A post-workout massage is important for a variety of reasons. If you know your routines well enough, you should know that the recovery bit is just as important, perhaps even more so, as the actual exercises themselves. Good recovery ensures you’re making progress, and massages have become an important part of that process, helping to speed along muscle recovery that would have otherwise taken up more days than necessary. Some massages are better than others for this purpose, which is why we bring you the three best after-workout therapies:

1) Deep Tissue Massage
A treatment often fronted to athletes and runners, in particular, the Deep Tissue technique is adept at hastening muscle downtime after strenuous activity. It utilizes deep-reaching pressure that seeps into the fascia, tendons, and muscle tissues to counteract the built-up tension in any of these regions. Findings from a medicinal Journal have even revealed that it can aid with the elevated blood pressure that comes with increased activity, offering a calming remedy that soothes the heart back to peaceful regularity. That same study also found that this type of massage neutralizes stress hormones that stand in the way of a holistic recovery process.
Additionally, it can solve stiffness and muscle pain through the action of oxytocin, among other hormones, which have known to uplift mood and induce relaxation. This peaceful, mental well-being has been cited by many fitness trainers as a vital recovery aid aside fromthe physical post-workout routines.

2) Hong Kong Massage
The Chinese massage or tui-na¸ has far-reaching benefits for exercise enthusiasts. Long used alongside traditional medicine to keep in check fatigue, headaches, and back pain, this therapy tackles most of the side effects of an exhaustive day at the gym. It is becoming more popular as a sports massage, and rightly so, with word spreading of its effectiveness as a light or deep-tissue option for persistent problems. A relaxed mind is half the recovery work, and tui-na tends to this aspect via spiritual nourishment. By manipulating the circulation of life energy, or more accurately blood, within your body, it achieves new levels of relaxation, ensuring your muscles are in perfect shape for the challenge of the next session. Hong Kong massage is one of the best massagess you can get for yourself.

3) Swedish Massage
The jack of all trades as far as massages go, there’s seemingly no scenario where a Swedish massage would seem out of place. Its prowess as a fully-body therapy is without doubt, but can we say the same about its effectiveness as a post-workout regimen? Well, some high-profile names in various sporting niches, including basketball, tennis, and football, have attested to its abilities to hasten a sore or painful day after on-field activities, so who are we to say otherwise? Moreover, experienced masseurs have also affirmed the power of Swedish therapy in terms of pain relief and loosening tight muscles. The massage is strewn from physiology and anatomy concepts from the west, and tends to rely on tried-and-tested scientific principles to catalyze physiological benefits that fuel good workout recovery. So make time for a massage after lifting those weights!

What do you do after working out? Do you head home to take a shower and sleep off the fatigue? Well, that’s all good, but be sure to make some time for a massage because of the many benefits they have to offer. In fact, some professionals have recommended body therapy as a pre-workout routine, courtesy of its effect on blood circulation, which puts your body in an energetic state to take on the challenge at hand.