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Hong Kong Massage
Originated in South China, it focuses on allowing the flow of “Qi” (pronounced: “chi”) throughout the body as it falls under the energy-focused massages. It focuses on the well-being and relaxation of the entire body in a more general sense rather than some of the more area-specific deep tissue massages. Couples benefit from Hong Kong massage as they feel more relaxed and balanced, thereby allowing them to enjoy each other’s company better. A lot of couples on their honeymoon prefer this type of massage and book sessions where they can enjoy this massage together.
Technique: In severe cases of nervous tension, the masseuse stands on the back of the client after applying the preferred essential oil. This is chosen by the client or recommended by the masseuse. Once the feet are firmly balanced on the back, the massaging begins by moving the feet all over the back. Hands are used for less severe cases. It is a combination of Chinese medicine and aromatherapy. This relaxes the nervous system and boosts immunity. The focus is on balancing the energies of the body, allowing the Qi to flow throughout , promoting well-being and relief from stress.
Swedish Massage
Known to be the best type, the Swedes have proven themselves by coming up with one that promotes deep tissue relief and healing. It increases the blood flow and drains the lymph, resulting in a greater increase of oxygen in the blood, and therefore greater healing to the deep tissues. The massage is directed towards the heart. This moves the water that has been retained in some parts of the body and drains the lymph. It boosts the immune system and increases oxygen levels in the tissues.
Technique: Long strokes are first used by the masseuse on the client, using the palms and fingers. Sesame oil is preferred since it has the best penetrating powers, needed to get into the deepest tissues of the body. After a general massage with long strokes, more area-specific movements are applied. The result is a good sleep right after, and the effect lasts for weeks. It especially helps remove tight knots in the muscles and reduces inflammation in the body.
Thai Massage
Feeling shy to disrobe and climb naked under a sheet on a massage table? Here’s one that doesn’t need that! This massage is great for stiff and sore bodies. It is called the lazy person’s yoga because it involves yoga-like stretching and posing. The only thing is, your masseuse is the one doing all the hard work for you, using their hands, legs, knees, and elbows to move your body. The energy field in your body is activated and enhanced with regular massage. It is known to reduce aches and spasms in the body, stimulate circulation and lymph drainage, calm the nerves and increase the overall flexibility of your body.
Technique: Keep your clothes on! Relax and enjoy as your therapist stretches and pulls your body in different ways. Wear loose and stretchable clothing that is comfortable. Just relax and allow your body to move.

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