A mermaid dress is the best friend of every curvaceous woman and there is no doubt about that! The silhouette is designed in a way that the dress accentuates her curves amazingly. As you are looking for a bridesmaid dress to raise the temperature, put your faith in mermaid dresses.

Thankfully, your best friend has asked for a mismatched bridesmaid theme; otherwise, identical dresses would be pretty embarrassing in this era. The latest online collections cater to the modern bridesmaids inexplicably well and here are a few dresses to add in your wishlist.

Gold Sequin Mermaid Dresses

As you can see, mermaid bridesmaid dresses are already a charmer and gold makes the whole outfit more alluring. Certainly not for the demure bridesmaids, the color is for the ladies who crave to stand out in the crowd. Especially, when the bride has given a nod to mismatched bridesmaid dresses, gold sequin is the perfect way to flaunt a bold statement. Not to mention, the mermaid silhouette also makes quite a powerful entrance! The combination of gold sequin and mermaid might be the only way to kindle your inner goddess and turn some heads on the dance floor.

There is no negative point because a gold mermaid dress is classy, sexy, and elegant at the same time. For toning down the glitzy shine, dull gold dresses are extremely popular. Featuring a sweetheart-neck, the vintage gold mermaid dresses are trending the bridesmaid fashion industry and how.

Red Mermaid Dresses

Is there a better color than red, to set fire on the floor? Women are happy to show off their curves and the demand for mermaid dresses is soaring high now. And when we are talking about a red mermaid dress, every bridesmaid is bound to flaunt a glamorous look at the grand party. The silhouette is fitted at the thighs, hips, and bodice only to draw a resemblance with a mermaid. It is a bit dramatic cut, so be careful when picking a red dress.

Accessorizing red dresses is not exactly a difficult task but you should keep in mind the dramatic flair of mermaid gowns. Considering the formal ambiance, you can choose a pair of stilettos for having fun at the cocktail party, too. The combination of red and silver or gold is a head-turner at a wedding because it tones down the flamboyance. Choose a gold or silver jewelry if you are going to pick a V-neck or sweetheart neckline.

Emerald Mermaid Dresses

Emerald is an extremely popular color in the bridesmaid fashion trends and why should it not be? The shade only speaks of elegance with a sensuous touch. If it is an emerald mermaid dress you have been eyeing for, you are bound to look just like a runway model! The rich tone brings the right degree of luxe at a traditional and formal wedding party. The sophisticated shades give a posh glam to a bridesmaid’s outfit, without a single doubt.

Now, emerald mermaid dresses define the deadly combination of simplicity and class. To retain the modern touch, you can find a pair of black stilettos and chic rings. The halter neck mermaid dresses are so in, right now.

After going through a list, you can get a rough picture now, at least. If you are a fan of luxury and sophistication, an emerald mermaid dress is a good choice. But if you want the touch of sparkle, gold sequin bridesmaid dresses are better. Who knows, you can find your Prince Eric at the reception party? So, it is best to browse through the newest collection and stumble upon the perfect dress.

Author bio: Taylor Johnson is a fashion blogger who has published multiple articles on how to style gold sequin bridesmaid dresses. Here, she talks about a few mermaid bridesmaid dresses that are currently dominating the fashion industry.