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Author Bio: Asad Kausar is a search engine marketing expert who has been in the industry since 2009. He runs a Chicago-based marketing agency, Dabaran, that provides link building, technical SEO, and copywriting services.

3 Signs that You Need SEO Services

Regardless of what industry you’re in, your business needs a respectable and fully functional website to represent you online. Beyond the website, you need it to appear on search engines for relevant search results. Chances are that you already have moderate to heavy competition in your niche, so how do you plan to rise above your competitors and grab a larger chunk of the market share? Your answer is SEO services. If you’re still on the fence about hiring an SEO consultant, here are 3 signs that indicate you should make the hire sooner rather than later.

1 – Your Website Is Barely Getting Any Traffic

You’ve got an aesthetically-appealing website displaying your full suite of services. However, your Google Analytics show that you’re only getting a few visitors per day. You’ve spent your hard-earned money on a web designer, but you aren’t getting the conversion rate you need to make visitors into customers. You can create an Analytics package that tracks conversion rate.


It helps you monitor keyword performance and by reviewing reports, you can tweak your SEO strategy to better match user intent. Keep in mind that while generic keywords may drive plenty of traffic, the more generic they are, the lower their user intent. That’s why you have to use a mix of keywords that also encompasses long-tail targeted search phrases. These will generate less traffic, but have higher conversion rates, meaning you make more sales.


Besides just keywords, you also should take a close look at the experience you offer to visitors. What’s the load time like? Sites that are slow to load often lose visitors within the first few seconds. Do you have a strong call to action on your home page? If you are not nudging customers to take action, they might not be encouraged to do so. Lastly, do you offer enough value on your site for people to visit it regularly? Take time out to write a blog once in a while that offers expert advice in your niche, for free. This will help build a following.

2 – Your Website Doesn’t Show Up In Search Engine Results

You may be the best professional in your niche, but word of mouth can only get you so far. In this digital world, the majority of consumers look online to find a preferred service provider. And if you’re not showing up on the first page for your keywords, you’re missing out on getting more business.


Say that you’re a dentist in Chicago, and someone new in the area wants to set up an appointment with a dentist. The first they’ll do is get on Google, Yahoo, or their preferred search engine and type in “dentist in Chicago”, or “Chicago dentist”. If your clinic doesn’t show up in the results, you’ve just lost the opportunity to make a new customer. So it’s integral to show up on page 1 of local search results in your niche.

3 – Your Business Isn’t Attracting New Customers Anymore

Marketing is a constant cycle that has to be executed day in and day out. Whether it be posting ads in your local newspaper, direct mail to households, cold calling potential customers, or performing SEO, you have to be consistent. If the number of customers walking through your door is dwindling, it means that you aren’t doing enough to attract more of them.


Your search engine optimization agency may be able to help. If you show up on the first page of search results in your niche, your business is working for you, instead of the other way around. Whether you’re in the office, out for lunch, or sleeping, your website’s presence in search results ensures that potential customers are constantly looking at your site and considering you as an option for the services they require. So keep SEO and a strong keyword plan in mind if you want to regularly develop new customers.


When creating a keyword strategy, be cohesive and brainstorm relevant keywords. You can use a range of free tools available online, from Google Keyword Planner to Moz and SEMrush, all these platforms have tools you can create a robust list of keywords through.


Regardless of how well you’ve planned your SEO strategy, you’ll reach a point where you’ll have to shift, especially if your brand has grown or you’ve integrated more services. Regardless of the reason, you’ll have to tweak your SEO campaign and possibly recalibrate some of the pages to ensure that they align with the new keywords you’re looking to rank for. Just remember to stay proactive so you keep signing up new customers.



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