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Water is the ultimate source of life on earth. The first life has originated from water therefore any kind of existence without moisture is not possible. The best and most wonderful of all the creations of God are human beings. They are not only made the best among all but as a compliment, they have been given the most of the beauty scattered in this world, but as we see and we understand that beauty is a delicacy and a delicacy need s extra care and nourishment to stay fresh and intact forever so its moisture must be retained. Beauty requires a little extra care than any other feature of nature, therefore, everything beautiful has been marinating with extra care and security so to keep it protected from the harmful effects of the environment it is surviving within.

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The 3 Ts

There is a wide range of skincare products available in the market but the most wanted ones among them are the beauty creams. With the increasing demand for beauty, the demand for creams to keep and enhance that beauty has increased. But the beauty cream must be stored and transported in the most secure and environmentally friendly packaging to serve the purpose they are made for. Therefore, we suggest 3 simple tests every cream boxes may pass to succeed.

beauty cream boxes

Ability to resist moisture

As we have discussed earlier that moisture is the most essential element to keep our skin hydrated and to protect is from the harmful effects of environment and its pollution, similar is applicable for the cream box that is responsible to transport and deliver the required product to its valued customers safe and secure, therefore, the first quality test it may qualify with highest grades is its ability to resist moisture, because, when creams are manufactured their moisture level is kept at a specific standard to maintain the required pH for the skin. If it is disturbed the shelf life of the product is reduce and it becomes harmful for use as well, therefore, the cream must be stored, transported and delivered in such a box that it has the ability to resist moisture. The material used for the manufacturing of the cream box must be of high quality and must be free of hydrophilic substances. It must be covered with telic for added care and durability.

resist moisture

Safe & Secure

 The second most important test any cream box may qualify is its ability to deliver the product from the warehouse to the destination safe secure and with no damage. The material used for the manufacturing of the boxes must be durable and secure enough to keep the product safe. If we observe the majority of the creams come in glass containers and others in plastic once. No matter in whichever containers they are available, those are not durable enough to keep the cream safe and are susceptible to damage if mishandled even slightest. Therefore the packaging boxes that are supposed to store and deliver the cosmetics must be durable and docile enough to sustain any mishandling or transportation and cargo hazard. They must be provided with the additional protection of seal so that the cream container may not drop off while transportation. The boxes may be tested for their elasticity to sustain jerks’ boarding and lodging because the product may travel from one corner of the world to another, therefore the boxes must be able to uphold the bumps of traveling across the oceans.

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Contaminant resistant,

The last one but not the least one of the 3 Ts is the test for the creams boxes are their ability to resist any attack my biological and physical contaminants. The most common biological contaminants may include bacteria, viruses, fungus or any insect attack. Among the most common physical contaminants are soil particles, dust particles, sand, incest, and creeping animals poop and urine and another contaminant that is invisible to the eye. This test is the most important because the creams are manufactured in one part of the world and travel to the other part of the word which is miles away. The ambient and weather condition of the place where the product was manufactured is quite different from the place where it will be transported to therefore, the chances of attack by contaminants are more likely to happen. So, the cream boxes must be tested for their resistance towards any kind of harmful intrusion whether physical or biological to keep the product inside of it safe and secure to be used by the customers anytime, anywhere, right after it is delivered to their doorstep, with the confidence that this product is skin-friendly and the packaging box that is carrying their product is well tested to meet the highest standards of their expectations.

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