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The SWOT analysis tool is simple and powerful and to help students develop a business strategy of their chosen organisation. Whether you are writing a case study for a startup or a multinational company, SWOT targets the specific concerns. SWOT is the abbreviation for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

For an MNC like Tesco, all the internal and external threats are important to plan and perform business strategies and fetch the maximum benefits from the present business scenario. However, when students come up with a similar assignment, they should remember the following three things

1.Be Specific

SWOT analyses can get challenging when you start considering multiple perspectives. To overcome that, pick a target that matches closely to the objective of your assignment. When listing strengths and weaknesses, be sure to find unique aspects that your intended target audience find interesting as well.Ff

If you preparing a Tesco swot analysis ask about the competitors’ strength; factors like the organisational mission, reach, and target customers are necessary to analyse beforehand.

2.Conduct PESTLE (PESTLE) Analysis

A SWOT analysis is a multi-faceted, in-depth strategic analysis tool framing all the internal and external components of an organisation like Rolls Royce case study for solving case study topicsPESTLE (PESTLE) is another framework or tool for analyzing the external threats of an organisation. PESTLE analysis caters to factors, e.g. Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal.

These are common factors that contribute to an organisation’s opportunities and threats. State of the economy, fluctuations in the market, a significant shift in the target consumers’ behaviors -these are easy to estimate by only using the PESTLE tool.

3.Use Real-time Data 

A promising SWOT analysis is the one that is supported by facts and data from real-time sources. As the tool strictly analyses real-time factors and aspects that contribute to the business scenario, factual data only help support the assignment grow credible.

Hope these tips will guide you write a SWOT analysis assignment correctly.

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