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3 Ways to Improve Your Singing Voice

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To be able to sing – melodiously, pleasingly and to be able to create magic with your voice is something which most of us crave for. Some do it at an amateur level and some go ahead to do it professionally. Well, the difference between the amateur voice and the professional voice is that of training, grooming and a well-planned practice regime. In other words, the professional exactly knows what he is doing, or going to do, and what is needed to generate a desired effect in the voice or rendition of a song.

Find the right Teacher:

The first thing that one needs to improve one’s voice is obviously a voice trainer, a teacher, a Guru who can show you the right path, who can understand your drawbacks and limitations and carve a way out for you to rectify them and push the boundaries thereby creating a larger playing field for you. You know you want to sing but what you don’t know is how to do that, and how to do that the right way. You get a teacher precisely for that. However, it is important to select your teacher wisely. A clear way to get yourself sorted out about the right selection of a teacher is to first decide what kind of genre in singing you want to get into. Once that is decided you have might have to do a wide research on the capacity of teachers to coach you professionally depending upon their track record or also the overall appeal you might have sitting and learning in front them. Some people are specifically gifted for training abilities, so you should look out for those traits in your teacher which you obviously will understand taking a few sessions with them or even observing them teach other students. Half the job is done once you are with a good trainer and then all you need to do is follow the instructions and dive into learning meticulously and practicing unabatedly.

Creating your own Tone:

Tone is the inherent voice quality you have. There is nothing much you could do to change this and it is always good to remain in your own voice tone, but what you can do with the right kind of approach is you can improve on that tone of yours and also the resonance of it. There are specific exercises to draw that out from your voice. Holding your voice for a long duration on a single note is one of them. This not only helps to understand and render the right kind of pitching (to create the pitch-perfect voice) but also to improve your breathing capacity in order to render the long lines of the songs with ease and perfection. Improving the mental focus when you sing is another dimension of your abilities which can be worked out through toning exercises.

Movement of Tone:

The very next thing that you do after working on creating that perfect tone for yourself is the movement of those tones. This is what we call singing in lay man’s language. Now this movement part in voicing is a vast one and is multi-dimensional. Depending upon what style you want to cover or the style that suits your tone in singing (Classical, Folk, ghazal, bhajan, movie songs for the Indian Music context and Jazz, Rock, Blues, Classical Opera etc. for the western music context) you have to work on the movement part of your training. Well, when it comes to the Indian style of singing the movement part is even more vast and rich with varieties of voice projections and ornamentations in the song.

All of this needs to be done under someone’s able guidance and proper feedback for constant improvement. The road is indeed long but becomes easier with the right kind of mentors and your right attitude.

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