In Ireland, thunderstorms are very rare. But, we can see them in late summers most of the time. But, when it comes to intensity, they could be devastating. So, if your house is also situated inside storm-prone areas, it is important to keep your home safe. Although we can never predict these extensive storms, especially in Ireland. But, when it comes to safety, it is important to take care of some important things while protecting your home during a storm.

Most importantly, we suggest you have good home insurance always to cover your expenses on home repair and replacements. Besides, we have five advanced tips to keep your home safe during a heavy or light storm.

Clear outdoor and trim the trees

Before doing anything else, make sure to focus on the outside areas. During a storm, your home will be most likely to face damages from the outside. Items like furniture, chairs, table, tents, etc. can cause big damages to your home. Also, a tree or its branches can come to your house during heavy air and thunderstorms. So, when there is a warning of the storm, take the outdoor items inside and do something to make nearby trees free from excessive weight.

Do not try to repair anything until the storm passes.

It is possible that some of your windows, doors, and even frame may break or get damaged during a storm. But, do not try to repair anything before the storm passes. Doing this may cause much more damage by allowing the air to get inside your house. Instead of this, you can try to cover the damaged areas with suitable material. Also, do not forget to renew your home insurance Ireland during this time if it is going to expire.

Install Storm shutters

Windows and doors are mostly damaged during a heavy storm. So, installing good quality storm shutters can make them safe even from heavy flows of air and rain. You can also get them installed on your doors. Besides, try installing them in your garages, etc. This is one of the best ways to keep your home safe during heavy storms. However, good house insurance ireland will be there to help you get claims for the damage repairing.

Do flood-proofing of your home.

The storms often come along with heavy rains. Also, it can cause floods, which will definitely damage your home more than a thunderstorm. So, if your home is situated inside a flood-prone area, make sure to take the necessary action to flood-proof your home. You can try to modify your crawlspace or making it watertight using concrete. This will surely let you stay strong during storms and floods as well.


Their tips will surely allow you to make your home free from damages during thunder-storms. However, it is crucial to have a house insurance Ireland from a good insurance firm to tackle tough situations. Also, you can consider hiring an expert firm to prepare a home for any upcoming storm.