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What is the best way to truly get to know a city? You could spend your time exploring the shopping areas, enjoy some people watching or visit an array of local pubs. We love to explore the cities local museums to get a feel for how the city was shaped from the beginning. Lucky for us, as well as having a fascinating industrial history, Nottingham has some very interesting museums so visitors and locals can get to know us a little better. Here are some of the best Nottingham museums, with everything from art to science and everything in between

1. National Justice Museum

One of the most popular attractions in Nottingham, the National Justice Museum recounts the history of the justice system in Nottingham and the entire UK. Their exhibits range from fascinating to disturbing and it’s great for lovers of social history, weapons and war, costume & textiles, law & order and archives. The museum is housed in a former Victorian courtroom, police station and jail, meaning an individual could be arrested, sentenced and executed without leaving the grounds! They aim to entertain all ages and promote interest in law and justice via fun and engaging activities and interactive exhibitions and programmes. Their sister attraction, the City of Caves, tells the stories of the people who lived and worked in the infamous Nottingham Caves and you can get combo tickets to include both sites which are worth visiting.

2. Nottingham Industrial Museum

Nottingham’s innovative and hard-working residents have contributed to the wealth and reputation of the UK for many decades. The Nottingham Industrial Museum allows you to discover for yourself the people, companies and industries that made Nottingham famous around the world. Located in part of the 17th-century stable block of Wollaton Hall, the museum is just 20-minute drive from various Nottingham accommodation and is free to enter for children. You’ll need an entire afternoon to get through the various exhibitions including the Steam Hall, the Transport Gallery, the Textile Gallery and the Gin Yard. If you’re lucky enough to be there on the last Sunday of every month, they hold a ‘Live Action Working Day’ when you can see and hear a selection of the working exhibits in action.

3. Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery

If you’ve seen enough of our innovations in industry, you might like to visit one of our more beautiful and creative museums next. Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery is just 15-minutes’ walk from the central location of our aparthotel in Nottingham. Located in a commanding position, on a natural formation called “Castle Rock”, the museum is surrounded to the south and west by stunning 130ft high cliffs. In the Middle Ages the castle was a major royal fortress and an occasional royal residence and today it is home to a fine selection of artefacts and pictures from across the UK. Unfortunately, the museum is undergoing extensive refurbishment at the moment and is due to reopen in late 2020. We’re looking forward to seeing the world-class heritage destination they are working toward!

4. The Robin Hood Experience

If you know anything about Nottingham, you’ll know that the world-famous outlaw/hero Robin Hood was based here in Medieval times. The Robin Hood Experience is the only attraction

solely dedicated to our local hero and is a great visit for all the family. Based on Friar Lane, the interactive museum transports you back in time to medieval Nottingham to meet all the legendary characters including Friar Tuck and the Sheriff of Nottingham as well as the main man himself, Robin Hood. You can hear tales of Robin Hood’s daring heroism, learn how he made a splash with Friar Tuck and stand trial before the infamous Sheriff of Nottingham. The museum is privately owned and funded and run by enthusiastic volunteers who love to bring the stories alive.

After a long day of exploring the best of Nottingham’s museums and attractions, you’ll need somewhere comfortable to rest and recharge. For flexibility and comfort unrivalled by any hotel, book your stay in an aparthotel in Nottingham today. You can enjoy our lowest rates when you use our website to make your booking.


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With great passion and dedication to pursue her dreams, Kath McGarr now works on writing contents for PREMIER SUITES Nottingham. A break from writing means travelling with her family, taking care of her furbabies, exploring photography, and gracing the dance floor with her majestic and oozing presence.

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