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This post takes a look at several methods that can help in establishing a data training institution. Though there are numerous methods and models, we restrict ourselves to just four in this post.

1- Self financing

It is said that self financing is one of the most trusted methods that has been used across generations. For instance, python training Malaysia chapter start-ups have taken a great lead through self financing model. Be it the establishment of school complexes, hospitals or standalone business hubs, self financing is the ultimate power to fuel a business idea. It has both its advantages and disadvantages. When we talk about the advantages, we may highlight that profits, turnover, popularity, originality and business ideas are all owned by the individual which can’t be shared with others. When we talk about disadvantages, we may go to the extent of highlighting risks like the drying up of company funds, non sharing of risks and less members on the company boardroom to take decisions. 

2- Public private partnership

Before understanding the role of public private partnerships in setting up of a data training institution, let us first understand what a public private partnership is. There is not any unanimous model of public private partnership. In fact numerous models operate under the wider domain of ppp. As a case study, data training institutions in Malaysia are increasingly making use of this model to enter the educational market. 

Let us now briefly understand the role of ppp in data training institutions. The two main stakeholders in this context are government and a particular business. A part of the investment required is channelized through government sources and a part of the investment is offered by the private player. Advantages include a vibrant monitoring system, adequate availability of funds and recruitment of professionals and specific domain expertise. Disadvantages include the delay in such projects and a lacklustre approach shown by the government agencies. 

3- Seed capital 

One of the most amazing concepts of establishing a data training institution can come through seed capital. The amazing thing about seed money or seed capital or seed investment is that it is not an instrument of liability or loan as such. In fact, any prosperous angel investor who wants to invest in a data training institution can offer a seed capital and get that converted into equity or stake in the firm.

4- Business subsidiary

The business subsidiary model can be regarded as the extension of a data training institution to a place where it is not present. In this model, an arm of a popular data training institution is established at a particular place which is overseen by the parent company in general and by the agency in particular. Expertise and training come from the parent company while funds may be made available by the local agency or nominee for the purpose. 

Concluding remarks 

The above methods can function as a roadmap to help investors understand the pros and cons of establishing a data training institution. 

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