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Bookkeeping is one of the most important tools which helps to organize the finances of a business in a better way without which no business can survive for a longer time in the market. For this, you would require efficient bookkeepers or accountants to manage or sort your business. NYC accountant can be the one you could look for providing these services. Following are the four basic things that you must know about bookkeeping so that you get aware of its importance, as a measure of success or failure in the business:


  • One must understand that bookkeeping and accounting both are important in business, but there is a difference between the two. In short, bookkeeping is the maintenance of various records about the organization’s expenses as well as income whereas, accounting is the interpretation of that record. Bookkeeping only involves maintaining and managing, but accounting consists of making a final report, analyzing and classifying the data provided.



  • There are two main types of bookkeeping systems, and it is necessary to know which can be adopted by the company based on functioning. Looking at your business requirements, you must decide either you will need a single-entry system or a double-entry system. Businesses with complex transactions are usually advised to have a double-entry system as they involve a lot of accounts payable and account receivable. Whereas, the single-entry system only records the expenses and cash sales 


  • Bookkeeping is one of the essential things that could potentially help you to pay your taxes on time. This is because, if the books are more organized, then it becomes easier for the auditor or the CPA to analyze it and prepare a report based on it. Thus, a bookkeeper must gather all the required financial information of the company and categorize it properly. A good bookkeeper will always prefer using accounting software to minimize errors, especially in small businesses. It becomes essential to hire a skilled individual such as NYC Accountant to look after such things and reduce the last-minute stress at the time of taxation


  • There are many options to look after the bookkeeping task, which depends on the type as well as the level of business you possess. If it a start-up or a small business, it is usually advised to prefer accounting software which is same for all small businesses. The other option could be hiring a professional, i.e. a bookkeeper if you feel you it’s difficult to manage yourself. Also, you could consider hiring an accountant who can also provide a bookkeeping service


As mentioned above, bookkeeping is indeed required for a business, and this work must be handled by an experienced professional. You can either hire a primary bookkeeper, an accountant such as NYC Accountant or even consider an accounting firm. Lefstein-Suchoff CPA & Associates LLC provides quality accounting and bookkeeping services that you must consider hiring. 


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