Are you headed to Croatia for a vacation and would like to discover tucked-away attractions
that offer less competition for attention? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve rounded up this
Adriatic country’s little-known names who are leaving a huge impression. You’ll not have to
settle for less, and you’re sure to appreciate the unspoiled riches of these destinations:

1) Set your sights for Stiniva bay
Steer away from the crowds at famous beaches such as Zlatni Rat and wonder to the
peaceful seclusion that Stiniva bay provides. This shingle beach offers loads of privacy
constricted into a gorgeous bay with dramatic cliffs perfect for mountain climbing. The bay
has been well preserved to keep its maiden outlook, and consequently, you can expect quiet
waters worthy of snorkeling and delightful sandy shores where you can enjoy undisturbed
picnics. If you visit between July and August, it’s important to note that the sun sets at
around 8 pm.


Sail to Lastovo island
Cast at the fringes of Dalmatian waters, Lastovo is a hidden gem that gives you a share of
blissful Croatia sailing without sharing the experience with many other people. With a
population well under 1000, visitors are assured of peace and quiet to savor rolling white
clouds, endless blue skies, mesmerizing cyan waters, and a generous and craggy coastline.
Winters can be quite harsh on Lastovo, so it’s recommended to visit sometime in spring or
early fall.

3) Head on over to Bobovišća town
This seaside village offers the best of ancient Venetian architecture beside a charming and
narrow inlet necklaced by olive groves and emerald pines. A quiet fishing town with
panoramic views like a dream, you’re sure to appreciate the romantic harbor, authentic
beaches, fresh seafood, and the general snail pace of life in this alienated haven. If you’re
toying with the idea of settling down on the Dalmatian coast, it should feature high up on
your Croatia property for sale compilations.

4) Sample delicious wine at Komiža
This enchanting town at the base of Hum mountain is characterized by 17 th century stone
houses, a somewhat bohemian ambiance, and restaurants serving up delicious native wine.
While at picture-perfect Komiža, be sure to spare some time for the Blue Grotto, an eerie
cave that emits a supernatural blue hue, and the five-hundred-year-old Fortress and Fishing
Museum where you’ll see and learn about traditional fishing vessels like the falkusa!

5) Honeymoon at Galešnjak
Quite literally shaped like a heart, Galešnjak has befittingly earned the sobriquet “the island
of love.” Surrounded by nothing but azure waters from every side, this tiny landmass offers
new levels of romantic privacy away from prying eyes. It’s perfect for rekindling that lost
spark, fanning the flames of a new relationship, or just a peaceful escapade to gather your
thoughts. Whatever your reason for visiting, it’s prudent to bring supplies and start early so
that you make the most of a day here because there are no accommodation facilities or any
other facilities for that matter.
Purpose to visit!

There you have it, the side to Croatia that few others know about. Before you head on over
to famous places such as Split and Hvar, spend some time admiring Croatia’s bewitching
beauty at these little-known but unbelievably appealing destinations! They are undoubtedly
worth your time, and you can take our word for it!