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This November we announced the month of dental health! The time has come, even before the large-scale celebrations of Christmas and New Year, to put our teeth in order – whether it is a need for treatment or even a cosmetic procedure. Depending on the condition of the teeth a dentist has to spend large amounts of time.


On the occasion of the month of dental health, we have tried to track the most common dental problems and how to prevent them.

Most often, a dentist is consulted when a tooth hurts or there is another problem requiring a quick response but there are other reasons why people go to the dentist. The dentist Beverly Hills Wilshire Clinic gives the most common reasons why people come to us:


Bad breath

“Irregular brushing and non-dental floss provides the ground for the proliferation of millions of bacteria in the oral cavity, which can cause an unpleasant odor that many people suffer from, according to best dentist Beverly Hills. According to us bad breath arises mainly due to poor oral hygiene and the lack of use of oral care products. The plaque remaining on the teeth begins to mineralize and tartar forms. Bacteria live in such deposits which are the main cause of gum disease and bad breath. At the same time, halitosis may indicate a more serious problem. Both untreated teeth, gum disease, and purulent tonsilitis can cause bad breath.


Tooth decay

As with the problem of bad breath they come to the dentist for tooth decay which can be caused by improper eating habits – first of all, sugar-rich foods and too short breaks in nutrition as well as inability or inattention brushing your teeth. According to our doctor, it is undesirable to brush your teeth immediately after eating, it is also very important to ensure that between meals there are breaks lasting at least 3-4 hours. We must not forget about cleaning the space between the teeth, since the plaque gathered there cannot be removed using only a toothbrush.


Gum disease

One of the most common diseases of the oral mucosa is gum disease which causes an accumulation of plaque and stone at the border of the tooth with the gum. Patients with gum bleeding problems often come to us and such a problem needs timely treatment. If bad breath and tooth decay can be prevented by regular oral hygiene, then in case of gum disease proper hygiene practices and the use of suitable care products are even more important, they can be determined with the help of a dentist..


Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is also one of the main problems with teeth that are being visited. The cause of tooth sensitivity, for example, may be too hard brushing because of which the border of the gums recedes and exposes the neck of the tooth without enamel. It is believed that the more you brush your teeth more thoroughly and quickly they will become clean, adding that instead of putting a lot of pressure on the brush, it’s better to use the right technique. Naked cervical teeth are primarily sensitive to temperature, but the sour and sweet drinks and dishes can also cause pain.


Regular monitoring

To the delight of dentists, many people come to the best dentist Beverly Hills for a preventive check. Even with healthy teeth, you should visit a dentist at least once a year, ideally two times, because this is the only way to prevent the occurrence of large numbers of problems and to notice a beginning problem in a timely manner. Going to the dentist is always the fastest way to get an assessment of your oral hygiene from a specialist.


For the above reasons, you must mark your calendar with a timely visit to your dentist. If you haven’t been to a dentist for a long time then make it happen today as you never know when an emergency can arise.

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