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Content marketing has bought a revolution in the digital world. With the social Media websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. it has become quite easy and fast to tell the world about your products and services.

Now this content marketing has transformed into an art where every team involved into marketing is trying their best for creating appealing and unique pages and are working very hard to run a successful campaign for making their company reach the top.

With the new ways that marketers are finding to reach to their target audiences, technology is also evolving and the future of this content marketing is becoming brighter.

In this article we will discuss about 5 unbelievable facts about this content marketing that will make your mouth opened. These facts are responsible for shaping up the way we purchase things, evaluate our services and also shape up the Internet that we use each day.

1. Only 44% companies go for content marketing

Although the value of content marketing is increasing day by day and it is very easy to outsource the tasks of content marketing like social networking, blogging, and making content marketing in-house.

There are pros and cons attached to everything in the world but the biggest benefit that is attached with in-house teams is that they have greater access to the primary data, voice of the company and other brand information that the in-house writer would shade but an outsourced writer won’t.

However in-house teams are expensive as compared to the outsourcing solution providers. This might be a reason why the number of companies going for content marketing is less than 50%.


2. Blogging at least 15 times a moth gives you more traffic than those that do not


Making a blog for your company and managing that blog is important. Build a blog and give relevant information to the people and people will come.

Active blogs will create a breadcrumb trail and will help you in getting more leads turning the sales department up to face success.

It completely depends on the marketing team about how they make the blog, how they manage it and how often are they providing their visitors with fresh content.

3. In US you can approach to eight out of ten clients through social media sites

This is actually a very large number to talk even when you are not taking into account the number of people who might not be using these websites for making a purchase.

Whether your visitor is a frequent visitor on LinkedIn or on Facebook, content marketers have to make your presence on social media and have to develop a strategy for promoting your blog to reach your potential customers.

4. More than 80% of B2C companies make use of content marketing

Not only B2B companies are taking stab at the content marketing but now the things are moving towards B2C companies as well. With a large number of consumers moving towards social media websites B2C companies also like the trend of approaching people through social media marketing.

Content marketing is working as a key for increasing the number of client base. The value of content marketing is increasing rapidly across various industries.

5. Content marketers use 12 different tactics on an average basis

If I say multitasking, it would be an understatement for marketers. Content marketers are using a good number of techniques for making your website reach the top. On an average they use 12 different tactics of content marketing for generating SEO friendly results. Content marketers are taking advantages of many tactics in order to provide benefits to your business.

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