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Dental problems are very painful and require immediate treatment. Regardless of how regular cleaning and exams, you can’t tell when a dental emergency might happen. Some of the most common reasons for dental emergencies include sports injury affecting the mouth. There are other signs and experiences that might lead to a dental emergency including wounds worsening.

A proactive idea is to know what to do in case you encounter problems with your oral health that need emergency assistance. This requires knowing a great dentist in Northern VA to help you overcome the problem. The ideal dentist is always ready to offer necessary assistance regardless of the nature of the dental emergency.

Conditions when you need dental emergency care

Cracked and broken tooth

This can be a minor fracture hard to notice with a naked eye or a huge break people see when you smile. Minor tooth cracks don’t have symptoms and you can notice them in a day or two. However, serious tooth breaks need urgent attention. A fracture might cause damage to the enamel surface into the deeper tooth layers.

This leads to sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods. Additionally, you might experience throbbing pain in the tooth and nearby gums for hours after injury. Intense cracks might make air pass through the mouth leading to severe pain making breathing hard.

Hesitating to visit a dentist comes with a risk of bacteria in the mouth entering the cracked tooth leading to infection of the root. This causes more pain only managed by serious solutions. Immediately visit a dentist for a broken tooth. The dentist will examine the problem to determine the extent of the damage.

Afterward, solutions are applied including filling the cracks, applying a crown, or other restoration options. This eliminates the pain and risk of infection.

Tooth restorations

When you lose a tooth or it gets damaged, you have to visit the best dentist in Northern VA for restoration. This strengthens teeth after filling or root canal. Routine check-ups and good oral hygiene are necessary. These ensure the fillings and crowns are in good shape down the road. Self-care prevents dental emergencies with a likelihood of discovering cracked filing in the mouth.

It also ensures that the crown is not loose or fallen off and the dentures or bridges are not broken on exposure to extreme force. Restoration for a lost or damaged tooth is a dental emergency to alleviate pain and the inability to eat properly. A missing crown makes sensitive tooth surfaces exposed to encouraging decay and other types of damage leading to discomfort. Appropriate teeth restoration limits further breakage and allows chewing properly.

Sudden tooth loss

It is not normal for teeth to become loose or fall out. This usually results from severe gum disease making the tooth fall out while eating. Alternatively, a severe blow to the mouth might make your teeth to become loose. Regardless of the situation, you have to get emergency dental treatment.

An experienced dentist can put back the tooth in the mouth. This should be done shortly after the accident before the nerve tissues in the tooth die. Emergency dental treatment is necessary to preserve your tooth and place it back in the socket.

Before going to the dental clinic, you can hold the tooth in its socket or rinse any debris on the tooth with water and placing it in a glass of milk or special preservative. This keeps the internal structure of the tooth preserved making it easy for the dentist to place it back. A reputable dentist will recommend the best solution to eat and smile comfortably.

Intense swelling or pain

Infections or trauma causes extreme pain and swelling which is very discomforting. Severe root infection encourages radiating pain down to the jaw or into the head. This makes concentration and sleeps hard. Mouth infections make the cheeks, jaw, and neck to swell.

This might result from an accumulation of pus in the problem area or inflammation from infection extending to the jawline. Only the dentist can protect you from the excruciating pain that makes living your normal life hard.

Experience severe pain is an indication of a worsening dental problem or infection spreading to other parts of the body. In this case, only emergency dental care can fix the problem. The dentist undertakes an examination to determine the severity of the issue. Afterward, appropriate solutions are applied to eliminate the burning sensation and throbbing pain.

Early signs of a dental abscess

This results from tooth or gum infection. A dental abscess might also result from minor issues like stuck food below the gum line. Raging infection in the tooth root requires appropriate medication to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Never ignore early signs of a dental abscess to avoid infection from spreading to nearby teeth and oral tissues. Visiting a dentist on noticing pus near a tooth or on the gums is very important.

Wrapping up

Dental issues come with excruciating pain and intense discomfort. Visiting a dentist for emergency care protects you from suffering and limits infections from causing further damage.

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