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There are a lot of attributes in web design. From content to call to action, you can’t miss an inch of the element that doubles the user experience and leaves a lasting impression on them.

So, when you’re designing your website, the first thing that you should keep in mind is your target audience and second is your niche. When you keep these two factors in mind, you come up with a site that’s tailored to the audience’s preference completely.

But these factors are must-haves regardless of the attributes and the specifications your website has. Let’s dive in!


  1. Responsiveness

In today’s tech-driven era, you can’t achieve your website’s success if it’s not responsive across all the devices. Visitors come to your websites either from desktop or from mobiles, tablets or even their watches. So, you have to test the responsiveness of your website on all devices. A responsive website also gains your flexibility and scalability for the visitors.

Therefore, when you’re done with creating your website, you should test it on all devices to see if it’s working or not. Having responsiveness won’t let your visitors go and will also help your prospects to turn into leads.


  1. Simple Navigation

When you’re designing your website don’t get in the arguments of Php Vs Javascript, instead, see what’s best for your website. Easy navigation is the key to gain attainability and let your visitors flow on the design, This is a must-follow tip especially when you have an e-commerce website. Remember, visitors don’t care about the design of your website unless they find it easy to navigate.

So, there are three important attributes that will help you achieve the easy navigation of the website. Firstly, it should follow the simple structure, secondly, the navigation must be self-evident for visitors and lastly, the simple navigation should be consistent on every page of the website.

Following the traits of the website, this attribute is a must to follow and help to retain visitors on your site.


  1. Color of the Visited Links

If you include some internal and external links on your website, it should be visible to your audience and once the visitor visited the link, it should change the color so the visitors don’t repeat the action. The changing color of the links shows that the visitor has visited the page already. It’s a great attribute for the visitors reading on your website.


  1. Make your Website Scannable

You should know that all visitors don’t read your website copy word by word, they just skim it and stop where you’re offering something beneficial to them. So, for example, if you’re working on the home page you should keep the white spaces in mind. It balances the content and design and makes your website readable to the audience.

Here are some factors that make your website scannable.

  1. Use short and compelling headlines.
  2. Use bullet points to mention the features of your products/services.
  3. Highlight the best selling features.
  4. Avoid long paragraphs, it makes your content dull.
  5. Focus on the white spaces/negative spaces

Apart from these, make your website copy SEO optimized because, without an optimized copy, you can’t achieve the SERP ranking.

The best tip is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and imagine if you visit your website, what are the strong points that will attract you. Now, write in this way.


  1.   Check all Links

If you have broken or dead links on your website, you can hurt your visitors and your website traffic. So, before you bring your website to live, double-check all the links and filter the ones which aren’t working.

If a visitor comes to your website and opens a dead link, it will leave them with a bad impression for your site. So, you must check all the links before making your site live.



These five tips are a must to follow for your web design. If it’s getting challenging to get it all for you, you can also seek help from a professional web design company to make your website prolific not only in design but also for development.

I hope this reaches you out. If not, feel free to pour in your queries in the comments section below.

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