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Although it tends to be hot, summer is the best season for biking. You can get on your Husqvarna motorcycle and explore the whole of New South Wales without the worry of cold or inconsistent rains. Even if it would rain, the heat in that dominates the season makes summer ideal for motorcyclists.

To enjoy your trip, you need to ensure that you have prepared well. One measure to remember when preparing for any road trip on your motorcycle is getting ideal protective gear to sustain your cycling activity. This post reveals some of the best gadgets that you should not miss on any road trip with your Husqvarna.

These are the must-have protective gear for your Husqvarna trip in New South Wales for the Summer season.

1. Earplugs

You must be aware that loud music is bad for your ears. However, hearing issues can also arise after a long riding trip. Knowing that you are anticipating a long trip this summer season, it is ideal to ensure that you protect the ears while going out. Tinnitus, a ringing sound in the ears after the long haul, is one of the ways motorcycle riding can prove that you need earplugs. This kind of sound can prevent you from hearing anything on the road, especially traffic, and it can prove fatal on the road.

Another reason why you would need your earplugs is the loud noise coming from your bike or traffic on the road. Too much noise can make you tired fast. As you are aware, fatigue is not a friend when you are hitting the road. That proves that earplugs, no matter how small they seem, are vital motorcycle accessories you need to carry for your summer biking vacation.

2. Safety Vest

Summer offers ideal conditions for racing. Your bike can perform the best, and you can go miles upon miles – hundreds of them – without getting tired. But you need to protect your body against physical impacts. Nobody can foretell what is ahead, and that is why we need all the protective gear.

safety vest

The safety vest is ideal in protecting your torsal against physical injury. Many people would recommend the helmet for protecting your head, but they forget about the body. As much as you want your head to be safe during an impact, you also want to save your spine and gut.

The safety vest also helps to protect your skin. Physical injuries are paramount when you have scratches against some bodies along the way. You would not want to continue with your biking adventure with bleeding and painful skin. It is ideal to take the precaution of wearing the vest before going out.

3. Guards for Elbow and Knees

As you might be aware (or not), your knees and elbows serve as a suspension for your body while on the bike. Although Husqvarna motorcycles have full suspension, you need sturdy joints to endure the race. An injured elbow or knee would cause more trouble on the road than you would apprehend.

For the best experience, it is recommended to take care of the elbows and knees and ensure that they are safe from any physical impacts that could lead to injuries. Elbow and knee guards are pads you wear on your elbows and knees when going out to ride your Husqvarna. They can protect you in case you crash into a nudge bar of an overcoming bike or car.

Choosing the right protection for the elbows and knees is vital. Some of the gears in the market have poor design and short durability. When you buy them, and you encounter an accident, you could get injured because they are not strong enough to take the impact. Some also slide off, and they are not fitting. With such, you are as good as wearing gear on your elbows or knees. Find durable and strong protective pads that can sustain you through hard impacts.

4. Sunglasses

It is summer, and the sun is glaring all the rays on every species in New South Wales. Sunglasses are necessary motorcycle accessories to carry during your biking trip. The long day exposure to sunlight can cause damage to your eyes, and you want to protect them before it gets too late.


Using sunglasses protect the eyes in two ways. The first one is by regulating the UV rays. The UV rays are harmful to your eyes, and they are responsible for cataracts and, sometimes, retina dysfunctions. The rays also cause various other eye disorders outside the scope of this article. High-quality sunglasses filter 99-100% of UV rays from entering the eyes.

Another method the sunglasses protect the eye is by enhancing the light-filtering ability of the eyes. While the glasses reduce the amount of light entering the eye during a sunny summer day in New South Wales, the eyes can pick the right colors and improve vision, unlike when it is too bright that the eye needs to close partly to sustain the glare.

The best-quality sunglasses should improve your vision and not alter the objects or colors. Some of the tainted glasses you see on the streets are not ideal for eye protection, and you may not want to consider them as part of bike accessories to include in your purchase list.

5. Chest Guards

The chest is the most exposed part of your body when you go biking. The front open part of you has the highest probability of hitting against objects and getting the largest injuries that you would not want to bear. In case of an accident, the chest may also hit against your bike’s handles, and they can be harmful.

A breastplate is as important as other bike accessories for safety riding in summer. As a bike rider, you should choose the toughest chest guard you can find in the market. It will save your chest from most impacts on the road.


Summing Up

Although you would want to wear an ordinary vest, a pair of shorts, and open shoes in summer, the idea is not advisable when going on a road trip with your motorbike. Let not the warmth of summer in New South Wales cause you to risk your life on the road. Remember to always wear all your protective gear before going out on a ride.


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