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The most disruptive technology since “The Internet” is the distributed ledger technology – Blockchain. Democratizing the way transactions are approved with increased transparency, data security with heightened encryption and bringing in traceability to show data provenance. These are the main reasons or factors contributing to the widespread adoption and implementation of Blockchain. Blockchain Academies in India have sprung up to enable techies and enthusiasts like You, to learn this new technology.

Blockchain is a nascent technology, only a few people know how to structure and build it. But meeting the demands of large-scale implementation needs a huge workforce “skilled” to work on such projects. Recognizing the opportunity and the necessity to upskill the vast talents in the Information technology domain, many e-learning platforms and large MOOC institutes (massive open online course) have introduced Blockchain Academy that offers certification programs for various emerging blockchain protocols.

What are the 5 must-haves for a Blockchain Academy in India?

Being a new technology, Blockchain is highly evolving, new protocols are emerging periodically. Most of the Blockchain Academy are focussing on one main protocol, with the curriculum. largely training learners on the programming languages.

So we have collated a short and crisp list of the Must-Haves for a Blockchain Academy.


1.     Blockchain Industry involvement in the course.

Since the courses are all about practical skill development, having an industry-based approach will be highly beneficial to you, the learner. You are seeking to learn Blockchain technology, so you can further your career in an exciting field that will stay relevant for the coming decade.

If the blockchain academy offers you an industry-based curriculum, designed by experts in the field, then it will be a sure-shot advantage for you to take up the course.

EMURGO Blockchain Academy is one such blockchain training institute that is set up by the blockchain industry themselves. Being a subsidiary of EMURGO Japan, the investing and commercial arm of 3rd Gen Blockchain – Cardano, EMURGO India positioned to benefit you thoroughly.

2.     Evolving Curriculum – flexible to include emerging protocols.

Blockchain tech is still in its nascence and is continuously evolving.  If the blockchain academy does not have provisions to include new protocols by continuously redesigning the curriculum, then you will be left in a lurch to take up training again so you could stay relevant.

EMURGO Blockchain Academy understands this and is open to start updated learning sessions for graduate students, or provides additional training hours to include emerging blockchain protocols.


3.     Mentorship and assessment from CXOs and Blockchain Thought Leaders.

A vital addition to any blockchain chain will be the perspective of the insiders. Many blockchain academies are focussing on the pedantic approach to learning this technology. But we can only understand key insights and the bigger picture from those who are walking the path themselves.

This unique proposition is being offered by EMURGO Blockchain Academy in India. This  Blockchain academy regularly invites CEOs, CTOs and other CXOs and thought leaders from blockchain companies to share their take on the technology, share news from the industry and help you imagine and articulate what is expected of you as a blockchain certified developer.


4.     International exposure and opportunity to explore and grow beyond the course.

Most of our learnings are usually from beyond the classroom learning, yes, agreed you will get trained in the nitty-gritty of building blockchain network, learn to structure it and even deployment of its applications. But, if the blockchain academy limits your exposure, doesn’t help you in your endeavors, then it not offering much.

EMURGO Blockchain Academy in India takes promising and passionate blockchain enthusiasts to present their ideas on international forums and also help you start any entrepreneurial aspirations through their New York-based accelerator program.


5.     Interactive session with in-person instructors and extended availability for later learning.

Most of the Blockchain Academy in India are offering predominantly online courses in partnership with Academic institutions. You as a learner are on your own. You could be disciplined to follow the schedule along with your day job to pursue the course, but your interactions become limited through online communities.

EMURGO Blockchain Academy offers a blended learning approach. In-person interactive classroom sessions that are recorded and made available through their synchronized learning platform (SLP)

Evidently it is clear, that  EMURGO Blockchain Academy in India offers the best blockchain course – WorkPro.

EMURGO Academy offers blockchain certification courses by Blockchain practitioners themselves. A Global Blockchain Learning Solutions entity of EMURGO Global established in Jan 2019 to focus on incubation, training and evangelizing Blockchain to foster deep fundamental understanding of blockchain technology and thus establish an education program to drive practical usage of blockchain technology around the globe.

EMURGO Academy will skill students, working professionals, industries & institutions to create blockchain experts, drive the adoption of the blockchain ecosystem globally and bridge the gap in demand for skilled Blockchain full-stack developers.

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