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Don’t all your buddies travel to tried-and-true, popular destinations? Every year, you get to see the same pictures and poses. Indeed, there’s nothing unique about their travel experiences.

How about cruising against the crowd and hitting unsung destinations to create rare travel memories? You get to explore undiscovered hidden gems and then share your unique captured moments with friends.

Here are 5 places to travel that all your friends have ignored:


1. Taiwan 

This East Asian country, also known as The Republic of China, is undoubtedly worth a visit. The stunning island has numerous street food markets, picturesque national parks, and rejuvenating geothermal springs. Moreover, zipping around the country is easy, because of its excellent high-speed rail network.

While visiting Taipei, the capital city, don’t miss out on delicious Taiwanese food at the Shilin Night Market. Savor fried milk balls and paper-thin, sweet, and crunchy pork chips at the buzzing food stalls. Enjoy the flavors of Taiwan’s therapeutic oolong tea and tapioca ball-filled bubble tea. 

Visit the world-class National Palace Museum, a treasure trove of generations of Chinese emperors. You’ll love walking around the futuristically-designed National Kaohsiung Center for Arts. It has large-capacity opera houses, concert halls, and an open-air theater. 

For experiencing nature’s bounty, Taichung is the place to be. Encompassed by scenic valleys and mountain slopes, Taichung is a real picture of the Taiwanese countryside. Explore the Sun Moon Lake area where you can enjoy boating and taking long walks.

A trip to this city is incomplete without visiting its famous teahouses. Enjoy tasting a variety of teas here against the backdrop of colonial-era structures and lovely outdoor gardens. Last but not least, visit the prestigious, two-hundred-year-old Techeng Temple, to worship Yue Lao, the deity of marriage.


2. Montenegro 

This tiny European country is full of majestic mountains, picturesque beaches and devoid of crowds. Montenegro certainly gives you a taste of Adriatic heaven. Also known for its medieval, walled towns and charming and lively locals, Montenegro has plenty to discover. 

Does European history interest you?  If so, the mosaic-floored Roman villas, ornate churches, and rugged citadels will certainly mesmerize you. Budva, the country’s ancient, coastal town is the poster child of its rich history and culture!  You’ll love visiting the town’s Ethnographic Museum which exhibits its history from olden times to date. 

Have your fill of sun and sand at the Montenegrin beaches, particularly, at Sveti Stefan, a popular luxury spot. Enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and a bottle of dusse at the seaside restaurants. What’s more, you can also have a crazy party at the waterfront. 

If you’re visiting Montenegro in summer, don’t miss out on the Sea Dance Festival held every year at Buljarica beach. At this jam-packed, three-day festival, you’ll get to enjoy the music performances of countless, world-class stars. 

In the country’s eastern interior, you can enjoy white-water rafting down the Tara River Canyon which is also Europe’s longest canyon. Go hiking in the impressive Biogradska Gora National Park, and ski some of its most breathtaking slopes if you visit in winter.  


3. Tasmania 

A world away from the bustling mainland of Australia, Tasmania is a unique mix of disorderliness and propriety. The vast countryside appears careless and unoccupied. Yet, the towns portray a Victorian primness. 

This Australian island state is a rich collection of scenic landscapes and diverse marine life. You can easily access the compact island’s alpine ranges, vast rainforests, and coastal areas.


Hobart, the capital city, is sure to offer you a remarkable travel experience.  The city offers stunning scenery, captivating history, and culinary delights. Savor the local foods in Hobart, like Tasmanian Wasabi, Tasmanian Truffles, and Leatherwood Honey. Among the top tourist attractions here are The Museum of Old and New Art, Salamanca warehouses, and Mount Wellington. 

A significant stopover for Antarctic expeditions, Hobart also offers sightseeing flights over the frozen continent. For a relaxed stay in the island state, explore Coles Bay, a scenic village and the entry to Freycinet National Park. Truly iconic and breathtaking, the park is most popular for the crystal-clear waters and curvy white sand beach of Wineglass Bay. You have a good chance of spotting whales while cruising the bay during winter.


4. Panama 

Full of remote island retreats, Panama makes for a tropical dreamland destination. The untouched forest, scenic mountain cliffs, and gorgeous beaches say it all. The crossroads of North and South America, Panama is most famous worldwide for the 51-miles Panama Canal.

You’ll have a great time exploring the San Blas Archipelago that’s home to almost four hundred unnamed and uninhabited coral islands. Are you worried about staying connected with your loved ones? Being Central America’s business center, Panama maintains a reasonably stable internet network. So, you can stay comfortably in this remote place, without having to take beaten paths!

Panama’s top tourist attractions include the 16th century, historical Panama Viejo ruins, the city center packed with modern skyscrapers, and the Parque Metropolitano tropical rainforest. Take the unique experience of visiting the Panama Canal. Spend hours here, watching cruise and cargo ships move through the canal.

Don’t miss out on the mouth-watering, traditional Panamanian foods! Savor the delicious Sancocho soup, corn tortillas, cheese-and-beef-stuffed fritters, and the refreshing sweet corn drink.


5. Uruguay 

The smallest South American country, Uruguay appeals to food, art, and adventure lovers. The country’s tourist attractions include vibrant cities, modern beach towns, and scenic wine regions. Interestingly, Uruguay has more cattle as compared to people. So, it’s likely that you’d be waiting for cows rather than people to cross a street!

Visit the Plaza of Independence located in the capital city of Montevideo. It’s full of historic buildings and also holds the national hero’s statue. If you’re keen on partying, head straight to Punta del Este beach resort, else relax at the Jose Ignacio beach escape. Don’t miss out on Museo Portugues, a colonial-house-turned museum. Through uniforms, maps, and furniture, the museum gives you an idea about the Portuguese colonial rule in Uruguay.

Won’t you like to taste the delicious cuisine here? You simply can’t miss Asado, barbequed meat preparation and Chajá, a fruit-stuffed pastry! Also, enjoy dining below the stars in garden restaurants encompassed by picturesque, rolling vineyards. 



Now you know some of the unusual places in the world you can head straight to. No more waiting then, start packing right away!


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