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The Need For A Kitchen That Adds Character To Your Home!

The world is continually hustling. However, the fact that kitchens in 2020 will be soulful and simple makes us upbeat. This pleasantness is because the kitchen is the epicenter of the home. It is more than just a space designed for cooking meals. A kitchen is usually the place where all the family members and friends flock together. Therefore, the cooking area must be visually appealing.

From blues to browns, the pool of availability seems infinite. A kitchen workspace should reflect your personality and style.

The aesthetic is equally essential as maintainability. The unrestricted range of options available to the consumers makes the selection process all the more difficult.

Moreover, kitchen worktops is the focal point ( a prominent element) of the meal preparation space, and that is why a one should spend a considerable amount of time should before finalizing a design, finish & substance. The remodeling process happens to be a long one, and since you are investing loads of money, it is vital to make sure you choose the most suitable worktop- the one which amps the paraphernalia.

The Conventional Choices

Countertop and backsplash trends keep on changing each year. From wood to stainless steel to granite, there is a material for every cooking need.

Though the natural and soothing vibe that these conventional materials add to your home is excellent, yet the other side of the coin can not be neglected. These worktops hardly blend in natural minerals with resin, which decreases their lifetime. In contrast to the above, human-made alternatives are not prone to scratches and cracking.

Hence, the past decade noticed a preference drift. The remodeling industry is continuously evolving for the better.

What Distinguishes Quartz From Other Resins?

2020 is going to be the year of “sustainability”. With many online and offline brands offering durable and sustainable countertop options, a grey quartz worktop is likely to steal the thunder.

Grey Quartz stands out from other materials for its intrinsic as well as extrinsic properties. It is virtually indestructible and is more than perfect for hardworking homes. 

Easy To Clean, Maintain And Install – Quartz is the countertop of the future. Since it is formulated artificially, it costs comparatively less than the natural substitutes without compromising the look and feel of the kitchen area. These heat and stain-resistant countertops serve different individualities and tastes without fail. 

Why Grey Quartz?

2019 already marked the genesis of quartz preference over marble and other regular worktop materials. We do not see this decorative drift waning out anytime soon. Still and all, we do anticipate the inclination shifting from the primary white color to the secondary shades such as grey.


The grey is a practical and timeless colour which  epitomizes every mood and emotion. Since it is neutral and represents a balance of things, it goes great with almost every pattern and architectural layout. Owing to the above reasons, we affirmatively recommend you to install a grey quartz worktop when modernizing your kitchen.

Top Quartz Styles that will substantially wow your guests

If in case you are planning to redecorate and are struck between the plethora of available shapes, palettes and patterns, we are here to the rescue.

To foster trouble-free decision making, we have created a list of five different ongoing trends that are likely to stick around and have no intention of shoving off from the market!

Here is a gist of all that you need to know about the styles and worktop choices that are going to supersede the current ones.

Honed over a polished Surface-

A matte finish not only gives an elite and uncomparable look but elevates the smoothness of whichever surface material you choose. Honed finishes act as a surface concealer. All the surfaces, naturally occurring or synthetically manufactured, have flaws. A honed finish hides these minor defects amazingly. It also retains the natural colour of the material extensively.

Neutral Tones bring about an unparalleled identity

 Soft beige and Grey Popping have replaced blues and jet blacks. This design movement is reasoned to the study that shows that the extreme colours cause distraction and focus shift. Thus, neutral trends highlight the compartments and cabinets as well as add to the mysteriously magnetic appearance of the worktop. 

Sleek it up

Sleek and non-porous worktop materials like quartz are likely to rule. The low maintenance choice is possibly never going out of style & rooting to stay for years to come. The wide range of categories these worktops falls into (based upon hues & tinctures, motifs and qualities) make them an unmatched choice as compared to other options.

 The material is substantially impressive for people not to like it. Be it Rustic, Old-school, or Luxurious- Quartz supports also looks!

Plain is boring- No more white kitchens!

Veined and patterned quartz is extremely eye-appealing and captivating. Since quartz is a man-made stone, it can be veined as per one’s requirements, unlike natural alternatives. From minimal to dramatic, quartz is open to customizations. The patterns can be made to add character to other elements of the workspace & reveal a realistic feel. Grey veining on whites or white patterns on grey surfaces- either way, grey is going to be the king.

Also, one can expect the waterfall island finishes to gain extensive popularity shortly because of the symmetry it brings in.

Rich and bold pattern choices cast up an opulent feel to the accessible space.

Make it minimal

Quartz resembles any other marble without any hassle. Thus, if you wish to support a vintage or an abstract look, quartz is the best fill-in. It echoes a minimal and exciting vibe.

Modern Homes mark the removal of standard ivories. Expressive yet simple furniture is more likely to be seen in most new aged kitchens. These small measures, in addition to stream-lined palette and cabinet choices, make for a grand gesture whenever redecorating your kitchen.

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