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Muscle mass is all about the total weight of muscles in your body. It includes a variety of muscles, like the skeletal and smooth types. With proper workout and nutritional diet, you can gain muscle within a matter of days.  However, there are a few tips and tricks that help in building muscles faster. One such shortcut is the consumption of extra calories, as muscles require energy to regenerate. Couple up the workout with a heavy diet and strategic muscle build-up plan for better results. Also, don’t forget to include lots of protein in your diet.  

Keep reading to know the five secrets to gain muscle faster as well as retain it for a longer duration. 

Take Protein-rich Diet For Muscle Buildin


When it comes to muscle building, your diet is much more crucial than the exercise. Not only does it help in muscle recovery, but it also accelerates the growth of muscle fibers. Muscles require an adequate amount of protein to grow faster. The ideal protein intake for an average person is way less than those who are on muscle training. During the workout sessions, your muscles undergo extensive wear and tear. With the right diet and high protein levels, you can replenish the lost nutrients and help tissues heal. Along with this, protein aids in the proliferation of muscle cells rapidly.  



  • Calculate Your Protein Needs



Start with gathering some information about the ideal protein intake required for muscle build-up. All you need to know is your body weight and the percentage of total fat. Further, multiply your body weight with the fat percentage. Calculate the lean body mass by subtracting your body weight from the results acquired. Lean body mass indicates the right amount of protein by multiplying it with 2.2. Write down the results and plan your protein intake for the entire day. 



  • Find Out The Proteinaceous Foodstuff



Next comes the step in which you list down the top foods containing maximum protein content. According to the preferences, incorporate these foodstuffs in your regular diet plan. If you’re fond of dairy products, cottage cheese, parmesan cheese, and whey protein are some ecstatic options. Chicken breasts, mollusks, tofu, lamb and beef are yet another proteinaceous foods. Green veggies like the asparagus, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, spinach, and watercress are also some high-protein options. You can also consider some anabolic steroids like Arimidex for faster muscle growth. Pamper yourself with your favorite dishes crafted out of these protein-containing foods. 


Always Target The Huge Muscles 



For the beginners out there, absolutely any workout helps in gaining the muscles. But, if you’re exercising for quite a long time now, you must do muscle-specific exercises. Your body contains a total of 640 muscles. And, working out all the muscles at the same time is next to impossible. That’s why you must target the big muscle groups for the satisfactory proliferation of muscle fibers. These giant muscles occupy most of your lower body and some part of the upper body. From burning the glutes to contracting the quads, you must do it all.



  • Quadriceps, Sartorius, Calves & Hamstrings



Legs are often the most neglected areas while working out, possibly because exercising this group of muscles is quite difficult and requires a lot of physical strength. Quadriceps include Rectus Femoris, Sartorius, Vastus Medialis and, Vastus Lateralis. Exercises like squats, leg curls, and ball toe raise specifically target the quads. When it comes to the lower leg, you must target the calves and hamstrings. Start with doing the ball hamstring curls, ball hip raise, ball leg press, and calf raises. Assign two days a week for the legs and see drastic changes in no time. 




  • Latissimus, Trapezius, Pectoralis & Core Muscles



While working out, weight lifters focus on the chest and back most of the time. This is because the body’s core contains some huge muscle groups. These include the Latissimus, trapezius, pectoralis major, and core muscles.  Most effective exercises for building these muscles include the bridge position, hyperextensions, dumbbell rows, and the lat pull. You can also focus on the chest workouts like push-ups, dumbbell chest press, dumbbell fly, and dumbbell pull-overs. 



  • Gluteus Maximus & Gluteus Medius



If you wish to keep the backache and strains away, then you must focus on your hip area. Your buttocks comprise two major muscles, namely, Gluteus maximus and medius. These muscles are one of the biggest groups in the entire body. By working these out, not only would you fetch an aesthetically appealing body, but also stay away from certain medical conditions. Exercises like Reverse Bridge, Hamstring Kickbacks and Leg Arm Extensions and Hip raises offer top-notch glutes growth. 



  • Biceps, Triceps, Brachioradialis & Forearm Muscles



Almost everybody dreams of having strong and muscular arms. During the workout sessions, you must focus on the upper body as much as you focus on the hips and legs. Also, while exercising your arms, always do the triceps more than any other muscle. This is because the triceps occupy one-third of the arm’s muscle volume. Start with the Biceps and dumbbell curls. Further, do the triceps extensions and wrist curls. You can also do the double arm triceps kickbacks. 


Don’t Forget The Post Workout Snacks


During the workout sessions, your body loses an ample amount of macronutrients. You must replenish the lost counts for proper recovery and muscle gain. That’s when the post-workout meals come to your rescue. Always plan out your meals after the exercise and incorporate lots of proteins in it. 



  • Banana With Peanut Butter



Boost up the metabolism with a banana coated with authentic peanut butter after some intense workout. Bananas contain a high quantity of potassium, magnesium, and carbs. These nutrients accelerate the process of muscle building as well as recovery. Further, the peanut butter replenishes the used-up proteins and fats. 



  • Eggs With Cooked Sweet Potato



Sweet potato with some boiled eggs makes up the most nutritional post-workout snack. What’s even better is that these foodstuffs are of good biological value. That means our body can absorb the macronutrients stored in these foods easily. Sweet potato consists of high protein content, which nourishes the huge muscles. Also, eggs are one of the most reliable protein sources loaded with some good fats.



  • Veggies With Cottage Cheese



There’s no doubt in the fact that cottage cheese contains high levels of protein. Create some satisfying post-workout snacks with veggie sticks like carrots or cucumbers and cottage cheese. You can also modify the taste and craft something sweet by adding grated cinnamon. Cottage cheese is rich in the amino acid called Leucine, which in turn leads to faster production of muscle proteins. 


Make Sure To Get Your Beauty Sleep


Along with the exercises targeting specific muscles, you need the right amount of sleep as well. For rapid muscle growth, your body requires energy as well as rest. Make it a point to sleep for at least 7-8 hours per day. That way, your muscle cells recover and proliferate faster than ever. Along with this, a proper sleep wake-up cycle is also crucial for muscle growth. With the right circadian rhythm and top-notch diet, you get to master the weight training efficiently. 


  • Hormone Production during sleep accounts for half of the muscular recovery. While sleeping, your body produces hormones like Human growth hormones. These endocrinological elements are the prerequisite to accurate muscle development as well as healing.  


  • Tissue Repair & Regeneration occurs when you enter the Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Phase. Along with the regeneration, your muscles relax and lose the tension build-up earlier by intense workout sessions. With the right healing, you get rid of chronic muscle ailments and lumbar pains. 


  • Better Muscular Coordination is yet another advantage of proper sleep. While sleeping, your body repairs the muscles and helps in better coordination of different groups in muscles. 


Hydrate Your Body Every Now And Then

You must have heard the benefits of drinking at least 2-3 L of water per day. During the weight training procedures, the need for hydration increases two-folds. This is because the workout absorbs all the water content from your muscles. Without adequate hydration, the process of muscle recovery slows down to a great extent. 


  • Maintains The Muscle Pumps and prevents dehydration of the huge muscles.


  • Hydration causes top-notch muscle growth due to the proper distribution of electrolytes.


  • Prevents any muscle fatigue and freshens you up instantly. 


  • Reduces the occurrence of muscular cramps and pains after workout sessions. 


Bottom Line


Almost everybody wants to gain muscle and appear as strong as ever. But how many of us achieve the goals? Probably, not a lot! To get the muscular body, you must search for the right ways. From adequate dietary factors to refreshing sleep habits, incorporate the tips in your lifestyle. Also, don’t forget to hydrate your body and keep the muscle pumps active. That way, you don’t have to dwell upon hours of vigorous training—couple up the hydration with nutritious post-workout meals. With the right strategy and workout plan, fetch attractive muscle bumps in no time.  


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