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5 Tips to Crack CA Exam Easily

CA examination is considered as the most difficult examinations due to its vast syllabus. Apart from its difficulty in clearing the exam, a lot of commerce graduates are after CA coaching. If you get the best and advanced training to crack CA, then your dream will come true. Some of the tips are as follows.

Tip 1: Perfect time management for learning

Prepare a chart to allocate the portions that need to be completed so that you will have a clear idea when to begin and when you can revise. Revision is essential when it comes to cracking any exam.

Tip 2: Prioritise the Topics

While considering the syllabus, there are chances that some may be important or some may be irrelevant topics. Give less priority to those topics. In our CA training at Kochi institute, we will make our students understand what is relevant and what not.

Tip 3: Practise well

It is equally important that you should practice well as practice makes it perfect always. The real significance of practice is reflected at the time of your exam where you will be able to answer the questions fast.

Tip 4: Attend the Mock exams

Before the main exam, it is important that you should know the real feel of the exam. For understanding so, try to attend the Mock exams as during which you will be able to perfectly allot the time for attending several answers.

Tip 5: Stay healthy

Health is a very crucial factor at the time of preparation. If you are weak or sick during that time, then it can affect your preparation process. There will be time lag and pending topics to be covered. Thus always watch your health during the preparation period.


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