The popularity of Remote Control Cars and Trucks has steadily grown with children and adults. In fact, drone racing has joined alongside RC car racing to establish its place as a sport. If you’re thinking about getting into RC cars, you may be wondering where to start.

There are a number of different types of Remote Control Cars and Trucks out there. Each car has its pros and cons, as well as a style of driving. Some prefer high-speed races on mostly flat roads. There are also RC cars that drive off road and over rocks.

Remote Control Cars and Trucks

RC cars can be fairly expensive if you want a legit high-power racer. Before biting the bullet on such a big purchase, see what you’re getting. Remote Control Cars and Trucks are very customizable and upgradable.

Start with a quality good of knowledge and you’ll find your niche in no time.

5 Main Types of Remote Control Cars and Trucks

RC cars come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are built more for power, some for speed, others for tricks and stunt jumps. Think about what type of activities you would like to do most. There are some RC cars that can handle a variety of terrain but may not win any races.

Let’s look at each type of RC car and it’s traits.

1. RC Cars

The standard RC car build will usually have a hybrid off-road tire and suspension. They can drive over pavement or dirt roads with little problems. Basic Remote Control Cars and Truckscan be customized to perform better on either surface. A great starter vehicle.

2. RC Trucks

When you move onto the trucks category, these RC vehicles usually dominate off-road selections. RC trucks carry a lot of similarities to real life trucks in some ways. Remote Control Cars and Trucksare also great for stunts and taking big jumps, thanks to the increased suspension.

Trucks can drive on pavement, too, but they don’t have the acceleration to compete without modifications.

Remote Control Cars and Trucks

Short Course Trucks

While searching for RC Trucks, you may come across these advanced trucks. These are gaining in popularity, due to the new challenge for RC enthusiasts. They’re not cheap and require a lot of knowledge about customizing RCs.

3. RC Buggies and Truggies

This next style is more of a hybrid of the car and truck. The buggy is an off road vehicle that can take a bit of punishment. The built-in roll cage means fewer stoppages to have to flip your car over.

This RC car is best for those who want a truck, but want more speed for off-road races. Usually, you’ll see a mix of the trucks and buggies in major races.

  1. RC Monster Trucks

If you’re looking for an RC car that can flex some real muscle, go with the monster truck. They aren’t going to win any races, but they will definitely win the hearts of spectators. Take them off-road or over top some rocks, steps, or other Remote Control Cars and Trucks.

  1. Rock Crawlers

These Remote Control Cars and Trucks get their own category because of the amazing feats they can accomplish. Rock crawlers do just that, through raw power and great design. They’re not as big as monster trucks, but they have the power and suspension like one.

These little cars can conquer dirt, mud, gravel, snow, ice, sand, and uneven terrain like a boss. Lots of maintenance is required to keep them running smoothly, so you have to be dedicated.

Differences between RC Builds

When you’re ready to look for your ideal type of RC car, you will be presented with two major choices: prebuilt or self-built. There’s nothing wrong with going with a pre-built kit. These aren’t anything like your kids toy store RC cars. These are some of the best RC cars for adults.

Prebuilt are called “ready to run” cars. These don’t need anything but maybe some rechargeable battery for the transmitter. They’ll come with the necessary battery to power the vehicle.

Prebuilt RC vehicles are usually capable of being upgraded and customized as you see fit.

RC Kits

These kits are usually clearly labeled for assembly, so they are accessible for beginners. We recommend going with RC kits over prebuilt because it teaches you valuable info about your car. Kits can vary on the degree of assembly, as well.

Try to find one that contains all the necessary tools and some pre-made designs to avoid having to paint. Of course, the beauty of building your own RC car is being able to make it look however you want it to. For first-timers, the fewer steps, the better.

The time taken to build your first car is well spent. You won’t be afraid to fix it when something breaks. It saves you money, too, if you can do it yourself.

Nitro Powered RC Cars

Advanced Remote Control Cars and Trucks racing kits may come with what is called nitro fuel. This category of cars allows for ridiculous speeds of up to 80 mph! We obviously advise against getting this car if you’ve never raced RCs before, but who are we to stop you?

Unlike electric Remote Control Cars and Trucks nitro-powered cars are louder and require a lot more maintenance. Because it’s burning actual fuel, the engine is more susceptible to getting dirt and debris caught in it.

Nitro fuel isn’t cheap, and you’ll burn through it fairly quickly as a beginner. You get about 25 minutes before needing to refuel. Although, with electric RC cars, you’ll need to purchase extra batteries for longer sessions.

Finding Your Dream Car

We hope you have a better idea as to what types of RC cars interest you the most. This hobby can be a thrilling and educational experience. You’ll learn about engineering, budgeting, and even competition racing.

Remember to play it safe when you get your first Remote Control Cars and Trucks. The speed is going to take some time to get used to. Controlling a car that goes 100 mph from long distance is no easy feat. Don’t crash your first car before you even get to learn how to drive it