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Metal Buildings

Customization to your metal buildings makes them unique in structure and style. If you’re expanding your building’s span area and looking for more places; then customizing the building is an option for you.

Apart from Pre-Engineered buildings, there is various customization out there, you can choose them and manufacture your metal buildings with meeting your own needs. I’m explaining 5 ways to customize your metal buildings.


If you’re looking for expansion of commercial, industrial, agricultural and warehouses then fixing the exterior is the first option. The steel exterior panels are the most affordable and practical. If an owner prefers a more traditional exterior, then he should customize the building by using many combinations of the following things:

Bricks provide you with awesome exterior of the building making the building more durable and metal building look more traditional. This could be a good option for traditional looks to the building, also enhances the building beauty from outside.

Concrete blocks are considered more safe and rigid than brick. Blocks are filled with concrete; these are added to the exterior of the metal building. These blocks provide more durability to the building. These also enhance the beauty and looks of metal buildings.

If a metal building is small and you want to increase its looks and beauty. Then choosing glass is good option for that. Glass comes in many varieties and costs a lot. Although glass has its great looks but it limits the durability because in a few years glass starts breaking and cracking. So, for commercial-scale glass can’t be used.

Steel panels and cool-coated panels are best for commercial and industrial steel buildings. If steel panes are added to a building along with the brick and blocks then it provides a great texture to the metal buildings.

Stone panels are also very famous due to cost savings, and unmatched quality to the commercial and industrial buildings. Due to their massive durability and longevity, many investors choose them when customizing their metal buildings.

Wood provides a traditional look to the metal building. Customizing the design of metal buildings matter’s a lot. Use wood for the designing structures in the building adds more traditional and comfortable looks. Although wood has limitations to the personal metal buildings only. Wood is not used for commercial and industrial metal buildings due to their tendency to catch fire.


The customizing roof provides you a more dramatic look. The best roof for a metal building is a low-pitched gable roof along with its sidewalls. If the roof panels are rusted then cutting them and replacing them with new panels is necessary. In commercial and industrial buildings the roofs play important rules. If a roof is leaked them you should have to replace it or repair it with a new one. In roof customization, the rusted roof edges and portions are cut and replaced with new panels.

You can save money on roof customization and repairing by only repairing the damaged portions of the roof. Some modifications can also be made in the roof of commercial and industrial metal buildings which are also listed below giving you the most fantastic looks of the building just by roof modifications only.

• Add a high pitched roof to shed snow and ice from the roof. This is also a good feature of pre-engineering architecture.
• Customize the slope of the roof so that water and ice can drain out provides you with a flat appearance from the ground.
• Customize the canopies which are small structures that pop out of the mainframe.
• Add some of the architectural coverings to make your metal building’ appearance more fascinating.
• Modify your walls which are make-up of brick, stone and wood provide you with great appearance.
• Customize the eave trim which is installed at the edge of a roof, the gutter can also be installed at this place.


You can customize your walls including doors and windows to make your metal building more traditional. You can purchase doors and windows locally, which can be installed on mostly steel buildings. Fixed glass windows are simple to install in a metal building and provide larger window areas for retail stores with high security.

Doors come in a variety of sized and operations depending on the structure of the metal building. You can add a large door required for any equipment and can also add walk-doors for the people without opening the large doors. So choose the doors you want for your metal building.

The wall in which doors and windows are being installed has prime importance. Hence all these make you able to customize your steel building according to your own design choice. If your building has a rectangle shape then you can also trim its edges to make a curved design and look.

Windows are also important in a building as these allow the natural light to pass into the building and also reduce the need for electric lights. While planning your window’s best spot you should keep in mind natural lighting. You can add a lot of windows and doors which improve modes in your workplace.

Cover trims help you to customize the finished look at joints and corners. For the roof, corner boxes are a great idea of covering which allows you to cover the jointed points of roof corners. Wall to roof transition trim can be installed anywhere on the vertical surface of the wall which meets with the horizontal area of the roof.

Transition trim is necessary for a building’ roof slopes which allows the flow of water and prevents it from entering into the building. Valley flashing can also be customized where two roofs meet with one another it also prevents water from entering into the metal building. Cover trims are designed so which allows you to enhance your building’s roofs, and walls, providing finished looks to the metal buildings.


Insulation plays a key role in a metal building. The design of metal buildings has allowed cool and heat. So, proper insulation of equipment and some components of the building is necessary. Fire in commercial and industrial buildings can destroy the whole material, so the building is prevented by all these factors by insulation. Insulation can be installed between the beams and rafters; this keeps the building cool in summer and hot in winter and hence saves a lot of energy.

Fire resistance insulation can prevent fire to massive destruction. Foam type insulations can be sprayed to the metal and when these get in contact with metal this insulates the building. So, foam type insulation is used in pipes, wires and another fitting with a probability of the fire to solidify the entire structure that leaves no empty spots for the cool and heat to pass.

Ventilation contributes to the air environment; this is an important factor for the moisture and mold. Air conditioning ductwork is installed within the steel structures of the metal building, so the proper insulation of these is necessary. Insulation prevents dripping and sweating on the ceiling below so that no mold can be formed.

Solar reflective finishes enable the roof panels to automatically reflect the sunlight and re-emit the collected heat of the entire building away from frame and structures. This is an energy-saving choice that keeps the building cool in the summer. The most reflective roof is white in color with the added elements like infrared pigments which improve the reflectance of light without heating the surroundings.

Hence cool metal roofs can save up to 40% energy and cooling bills. If the area of industry is in urban or in such places where the sunlight has more affects then this method saves a lot of money from the investors.


After you’ve chosen perfect customization of the interior, exteriors then choosing the perfect color scheme is necessary which enhanced metal building beauty and makes it more professional. The colors vary from building to building, shop to shop, store to store and warehouse to the warehouse but when you focus on the aesthetics of your building then a perfect match of color can be selected. Color is applied to the roof, walls and to the trim so choosing a perfect one; is an important step.

Here I’m listing some of the general color schemes for the metal shops and store buildings.
• Crimson Red + Polar White: looks great on walls and on the trim of roof.

• Gallery Blue + Snow White: this matching color provides more fascinating looks to the metal building.

• Almond + Medium Bronze: this color looks like a metal shed in monuments.

• Charcoal Gray Monochromatic: this is great combination of color popular for office buildings. It creates a professional look in metal buildings.

• Ash Gray + Fern Green: This color combination is good for stores and shops.

• Koko Brown + Snow White: This is an emerging color scheme which is recommended for hangers.

• Crimson Red + Ash Gray: This color is great choice if you want more subdued but also bold building.

• Ash Gray + Burnished Slate: This color scheme has a popular trend in small facility buildings.

• Ash gray + Charcoal Gray: This color scheme is mostly used in agricultural buildings enhances their beauty.

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