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Have you gone car-shopping?

If you have even once, you’d know how much looks can be deceiving.

For instance, a model may come with chrome bling, 20-inch wheels, and sport ultra-premium leather upholstery. And yet you only remain convinced it is the car for you before you get into it for the test drive.

Or, the model performs well on the road but lacks comfy seats, making driving it a chore. We decided to help you pick your next car.

Below, you’ll find the most luxuriously priced cars and some reasonable ones. Whether it is an SUV or has sleeker construction, a car is only worth something if it allows for a smooth ride. So, here are our choices:

Toyota Avalon

At first, glance, when you go to buy a car, you may see a Camry-like vehicle shrouded in formal attire.

But if you give it a chance, the Avalon could surprise you. After all, it has traits a Camry only wishes it could have.

Riding in luxury because of the Touring trim is just one of its perks. It also comes with good quality driver-assist systems. Then there is the must-have Head-Up Display.

Oh, and let’s not forget leather upholstery that elevates comfort level with heated and ventilated front seats.

Don’t worry about the fact that the Avalon rests on a common front MacPherson strut suspension system.

It also has a sport-tuned rear multi-link system. Moreover, rounding it off is an Adaptive Variable Suspension system. It makes driving smoother, primarily because of the damping adjustments that come into play instantaneously!

Volkswagen Passat

Sure, the Passat is pricey. But it is also spacious, making it comfortable for longer durations and family trips.

The Passat is pleasant to drive and combines comfort with quality construction.  The seats are spacious, and the trunk has much room.

Moreover, you won’t be worrying about how much gas it eats because it gives mileage that is commuter-friendly.

In short, the above-average safety score makes you forget the critiques the Passat receives due to limited engine options.

When looking for comfort and a smooth ride, this mid-sized Sedan will do nicely. Find other luxury cars here!

2020 Kia Telluride

The new ride from Kia, the Telluride, may seem like an unusual vehicle to you. But that’s only because you haven’t seen how well it performs.

Moreover, the car looks good and is almost leisurely-level comfortable. The other passengers won’t even feel the bumps on the road. The Telluride drives that smoothly!

Meanwhile, it also has more power because of the 3.8-liter V6 engine. This automatic option also comes with an eight-speed transmission, which is responsive and unobtrusive.

What else would you need from a car that promises nothing but smoother rides?

2017 Acura TLX

When going on a long trip, you cannot go wrong with the 2017 Acura TLX. For one, it is most comfortable to ride in.

The sport-sedan position of the seats makes it so. They are well constructed, and Milano leather encases them. The tri-stage ventilation and heating lend themselves well to long drives regardless of the weather outside.

Secondly, it helps driver engagement while running. Oh, and it has actual performance boosters like the Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive and Precision All-Wheel Steer. 10-way power adjustability is yet another point in the Acura’s favor.

You’ll be a better driver due to technological features, such as forward-collision warning, adaptive cruise control, road departure mitigation, and lane-keeping assistance. It is excellent to drive on any highway. The 206-horsepower four-cylinder engine hitting 35 mpg should only encourage you to buy it!

2017 Chevrolet Impala

The Bowtie brand doesn’t disappoint in terms of comfortable vehicles that are great for long trips. Their big sedans are family favorites for that very reason – but equally suitable for traveling solo. So, you won’t find the 2017 Chevrolet Impala to be any different in that regard.

Proudly, it continues on the sedan tradition, which is why we recommend it now. For starters, the trunk allows you to fit in 18.8 cubic feet worth of cargo. Pack in all the picnic baskets and suitcases you want in that space! The sedan is also longer than 201 inches keeping in with the size of its predecessors.

But the Impala wows you with other creature comforts that most long-distance drivers will give their steering wheel for!

The front seats are entirely climate-controlled while the rear ones have heating too. Even the steering wheel wrapped up in leather will stay warm under your hands.

Are you a fan of the latest technology making its way into your vehicle?

Then the Chevy will make you happy with its smartphone integration option and a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

Drive safer with this one’s lane-keeping features, adaptive cruise control, and warning of forwarding collisions.

2017 Lincoln MKZ

The 2017 Lincoln MKZ impresses long-range drivers with continuously controlled damping. After all, that is one of the prerequisites for a smooth ride. So, this vehicle’s system recalibrates itself up to 500 times in a second.

It factors in the road conditions and driver behavior too. Thus, you can be sure that the suspension will perform adequately.

Additionally, the MKZ allows sleeping family members to slumber peacefully with a pothole detection system.

The car’s wheels won’t drop as low should you encounter a pothole while driving! You can also enjoy various driving modes, depending on your mood, including a comfort, normal and sport option.

Cars that translate each trip into a smooth ride are worth every cent you spend on them. They provide the driver and those tagging along with a blissful haven from potholes and rough roads.

Today, the high-tech suspension allows vehicles to soak up most jolts and readjust their estimates by up to hundreds of times per second.

They will maintain superior composure in the cabin regardless of what the weather condition is like outside. The damping adjustments, too, help the vehicles respond instantaneously.

Therefore, when picking the ride for trips that will last longer, aim for velvety comfort. Go to a premium quality dealership with a reputable history. Spend a bit more than you plan to but cruise in complete comfort!

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