Looking for bulk bubble mailers is one of the significant steps you take to keep delicate items safe. Good quality bubble mailers will shield your valuables against breakages and scratches.

First things first, your most crucial step to getting the best bubble mailer experience starts with looking for a great dealer or supplier. That ensures the set standards are adhered to; besides that, you will need to work with one that can accommodate your creative ideas as much as possible. We will get to the creative aspect of it in a minute.

Why bubble mailers? Shipping delicate or brittle items is a risky business. To get them to the intended destination, high chances are you will be forced to use more expensive options. Bubble mailers are made of bubble wraps or better described as plastic sheets studded with small air cushions that come in handy during protection against impact. Getting quality bubble mailers is a great protective measure, especially when shipping large volumes of delicates.

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Since this is what sets you apart from your competitors, there is the need for having everything synonymous with your brand included in your mailer. This means your;

  • Tag line
  • Logo
  • Brand name
  • Business theme

But bubble mailers aren’t just great for business alone. Here are other reasons why you should be Looking for bulk bubble mailers.

1. Shielding furniture from dust

If you have ever been on the road for an extended period, then you will understand how frustrating dusting can be, especially the seats or the beds. Believe it or not, investing in some bubble wrap will save you the hassle and cost of getting your furniture dust free.

Achieving this is no u b, all you need to do is simply get some generous size of bubble wrap and some tape. Forget some specialized training; it is as simple as that.

2. Putting a stop to blisters

Dedicating a day or two every week to make your garden or lawn in mint condition is an excellent way of having that peace of mind everyone needs. But handling that gardening tool comes at a cost, and sometimes a costly one. Blisters are every gardener’s nightmare; however, the solution is simple, having a sheet of bubble wrap around the handles cushions you fro the problem.

Blisters are not restricted to gardening tools; there are a whole lot of workshops out there all designed to solve daily problems and to make lives comfortable. Using tools, especially those that demand some effort, is almost a sure way of experiencing blisters, again, avoiding that is as simple as using a bubble wrap on the handle.

3. Keeping dishware safe

There is no perfect way of enjoying that sumptuous meal than eating it from a glass plate. But how do you store them after use and cleaning? Probably stacking. This is seen as a method of saving space, and it is also the most preferred method of transporting dishware, especially when moving houses.

The risk associated with that is the possibility of breakages, and the good news is, you can still store or transport your dishware the same way without worrying much about damages. The solution is simple, when stacking, use some bubble wraps in between the plates.

4. Greenhouse all the way

Greenhouses play an imperative role in attaining food security, and the whole idea behind them is growing crops in temperature-regulated environments. Gardeners can use bubble wraps to be sure that their plants are safe amidst extreme weather conditions. The air pockets prove valuable when controlling the temperature of the soil, especially in seedbeds.

With temperature remaining a factor, these wraps can be used in bigger or taller plants like growing bananas. If you have always wanted to experiment with greenhouses, but the cost discourages you, the bubble wraps are a cost-effective way of experiencing that through a mini-warehouse.

5. Manage your food temperatures

There is always how you want your food served; let’s pick an example, when going out on a picnic, high chances are, you might wish to have your meals or drinks served with a specific temperature. Having a roll of bubble wrap can prove beneficial when there is a need for keeping chilled foods frosty or when maintaining the temperature of simple hot foods.

How about going corporate, if you are into the food business, bubble wraps can prove instrumental when retaining temperatures without throwing hygiene standards out of the window.

6. Maintain shoe and handbag shapes

If you are in shoe or purse business, you know that some of these items come with foam stuffed in. The main benefit of opting to use bubble wrap instead of foam is that this material has the flexibility aspect. It can be molded into any shape to maintain the original forms. The same material can be used to shield the exterior from scratches.

Final take

If you are a large scale shipper, especially of delicate items, then your best solution is looking for bulk bubble mailers. Besides that, the listed above are some of the creative applications of bubble wraps.