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Elearning Content Development

The process to start any project remains the same, understanding what your client needs. Sometimes the needs are clear, but you still need some analysis and learning consulting to understand the true scope. Here are some methods that should help you develop your custom eLearning content without issues. Let’s have a look at them:

Design a Document

Before you start the project, you need a path. This can be achieved by designing a document for your custom eLearning. This document should act as a roadmap for the courses you are going to include and what the things that you are going to do. You also need to mention why you are going to take certain steps and how you plan to achieve the goals.

This document should also include the current business needs and have some context for the project. Once that’s done, you can define the training goals.

Determine the Efficiency of Your eLearning

One of the important parts of the design document includes how you can determine the efficiency of your custom eLearning from the people that are going to participate in the program. It includes three levels, which are:

  • Awareness
  • Application
  • Mastery


Every participant needs to be aware of the upcoming events in the program, for example informing them about a new benefit starting next month.


The participants need to understand how they can take action on the events that are coming. Like, being able to understand how they can enroll in the new benefit being offered next month.


The training program needs to be sufficiently skilled so people can guide others once they have learned the courses.

Delivering Your Custom eLearning Program

In order to achieve the goals, you have set for completion of the project, you need to determine how you are going to deliver the product. There are multiple methods that you can use such as

Web-Based Training

Using a custom web-based training has proved to be one of the best methods you can use to deliver your custom eLearning. This is the best way to ensure that people to enrolled for the program are being trained consistently. Everyone will be able to receive the same training using the same method.


Using videos to train employees is another efficient method you can use. Video tends to be engaging and informative at the same time, and it helps keep the employees focused as well compared to learning from text documents.

Instructor-led Training

For more complex content, offering an instructor can help a lot. There are times when trainees might have issues understanding a concept. During these scenarios, nothing can rival a human-led training session.

Custom Video for The Content

Once you are set with what and how you are going to deliver, you need to start with the development process. Building custom animated videos can be helpful. You need to follow the process so you don’t spend too much time later doing edits. Having a script can help a lot.

Building the Structure of Learning Portal

A Learning portal is one of the best solutions to delivering custom solutions. It allows you to pack all features that you can offer in one place that can be accessed by everyone enrolling in the program without any issues.


This whole process isn’t easy and often times we might end up with something else that we didn’t imagine. This is why it’s important that you collaborate with each team while dealing with a custom eLearning content development program to keep your goals in check.

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