World’s Most Beautiful Mosques:

It is one of the noticeable traits of the Muslims is that wherever they go and dominate the place, there they make mosques according to their glory and value. Following, we will share with you the descriptive stories of the 6 most beautiful mosques in the world. But before that introduction, we give you an overview of the mosque.

As the mosque is the house of Allah on the earth—as the Muslims say. The word Allah is called to God as it is an Arabic word. The English word “mosque” is derived from the Arabic word “Masjid” which means a place for prostration (Sajdah in Arabic). This is why the five-time delivery of athan and offering of Salah is performed in a mosque. The weekly religious gathering congregation that is held on every Friday also performed in the mosque. In a nutshell, the mosque has been a pivotal significance in Islam.

Let’s get to know the 6 most beautiful mosques in the world – a worthwhile masterpiece of architectural and traditional touch.

1.   Mosque Al-Haram, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Al-Haram Mosque

According to the historical Islamic account, Kaaba is declared to be the very first sanctuary of Islam built by the prophet Ibrahim and His son Ishmael. This is the first pre-Islam house of Allah. The mosque is the largest and holiest place of Islam. Having the capacity to accommodate millions of worshippers and pilgrims, this mosque hosts more than four million pilgrims (Hajis) on the annual occasion of Islam otherwise known as Hajj.

To build this mosque, Saudi govt. made a masterplan to call maestro architecture and legendary construction experts. The expansion of the mosque was started in 1978-1982.

2.   Mosque Al-Nabvi, Madinah, Saudi Arabia


This mosque was built by the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in his life of post-Hijrah (His migration from Mecca to Madinah for the Sake of Islam). As Muslim has the deepest ardency and Love for the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)—thus, this renders the mosque Nabvi to one of the most visited as well as beautiful mosques in the world.

3.   Mosque Zahir, Kedah, Malaysia

Zahir Mosque

When it comes to seeing the versatility of Islamic touch glimpses in Malaysia, the Zahir mosque stands and fourth line to tell the visitors– that how dedicatedly the design of the mosque casts an appealing spell on the visitors. This mosque is an index of Malaysian fervency about Islam. This is what makes this mosque to be known worldwide.

4.   Mosque Blue, Istanbul, Turkey

Mosque Blue, Istanbul, Turkey

Famous around the world thanks to its unique blue color and mastery architecture, Blue mosque reserves its designated status. When it comes to the beauty of the mosque- Blue mosque ranks in the top 6 most beautiful mosque in the world. The marble and intricate of walls along with the Quranic verses inscriptions take you to the era Islamic Rise in the Ottoman Empire. This is so why; this mosque being beautiful will remain an everlasting imprint of Islamic ascension.

5.   Mosque  Sheikh Lotfollah, Isfahan, Iran

Nasir al Molk

When you want to peek inside the rise of Islam in the Persian peninsula, Iran’s Sheikh Loftollah mosque brings you the true presentation of Iranian exuberant architecture. The architecture and design of the mosque are quite impressive and presents the true depiction of the Shia branch of Islam. Though its mesmerizing colorful marbles in walls are in-scripted with the beautiful names of Allah (SWT).

6.   Mosque Qol Sharif, Kazan, Russia

Mosque Qol Sharif, Kazan, Russia

This is the true depiction of Islam in Europe. Being situated in a mild desert of Kazan, this mosque poses to be the oasis for both spiritual and physical visits. This gigantic and colorful dome of the mosque sizzle the hope of divine dedication towards the distant onlookers. The mosque is a double-story having eight minaret and other installations.

This mosque along being ranked among the most beautiful mosques in the world also has a historical memory. When Ivan the Terrible captured the city and the mosque was brutally put into arsenal burning down. The current architecture is altered and rebuilt.

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