Almost everyone in their tender age would have sketched that very clichéd picture of scenery that has slanted roofed small house amid the green paddy fields and on the background of which are certainly the hills. Kollengode village to the south of Palakkad is the real-life replica of this picture. It has every ingredient that could mesmerize any nature enthusiast. Moreover, if you are one among the travel enthusiast who would love to keep a watch on the happening tourist places situated to the southern tips of the Indian subcontinent in Kerala, you would already have come across the stunning hill station of Nelliyampathy. Just beyond on the other side of these massive hills is located this lush green Kollengode hamlet. Travellers who wish to try out other than Munnar and Wayanad that the most popular tourist places of Kerala may head to Kollengode.

The following could be the reasons to include Kollengode in your Kerala travel itinerary.

Kollengode Palace

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The place where the present-day Kollengode is situated was the kingdom of Kollengode kings, who had got a great stronghold in the region. So they had also built small yet charming buildings in their land. Although they are located in the village bordering Tamil Nadu, they were designed in the traditional Kerala architecture. The rulers of Kollengode were also known for constructing such magnificent structures in the neighbouring dynasties also. One such royal building is the one situated in Thrissur, which was gifted by Vasudeva Raju to his daughter.

Traditional Ayurvedic treatment

At least some of you would have heard about the traditional way of curing ailments followed in many parts of the country. Such primitive ways of recovering from diseases have got much prominence in the state of Kerala. The palace of Kollengode had now altered to a private property where such treatments can be made use of by the visitors that are available at affordable price. Besides, various other Ayurvedic treatment spas are functioning in many places. And tourists who are holidaying in Kerala find a time to drop in and feel refreshed after the treatment. If you also wish to get rejuvenated like that, you may book any tour packages and head to these unexplored travel destinations like Kollengode.

Arresting natural beauty

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The basic topographical conditions existing here is that makes Kollengode a varied and likeable place, even by its very first view. Everything that you are finding around would be synonyms with beauty. The views of verdant hills veiled under the dark clouds before the showers would indeed be spectacular.  So are the paddy fields spread across a large area separated by few long straight roads and tall standing lone palm trees. One could claim that time hasn’t moved to a great extent here, as nothing much had changed for the last 50 years. The rural setting of Kollengode is intact since then. Furthermore, the people dwelling here led a life most simply with most of them engaged in farming.

Age-old significant spiritual centres

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The man had started living in these bountiful regions with its fertile land and pristine river water, long back. They might have migrated from other places with the hope of a better living condition. So when they have moved to these sides of plains, they would also have brought their religions and beliefs. Yet another story related to the origin of ancient temples here is related with a sage named Kashyapa. It was him who built the Thirukacham Kurichi Vishnu Temple of Kollengode after Lord Vishnu appeared before him after long meditations. Also, Gingelly Oil Prasada, which is an offering from the temple, is believed to cure many diseases. Henceforth, with a trip to Kerala, you could also drop into these unique shrines that have distinct histories.

Breathtaking waterfalls

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Kollengode too has got its own set of charming waterfalls to boast off even though a larger part of the region has its paddy fields all across their plains. One of the prominent ones can be spotted even by travelling through these plains, however at a really long distance.  Nonetheless, if you wish to witness those cascading falls more closely, you may have to venture out to the wild. Nelliyampathy hill station, situated to the southern part of Kollengode could be the perfect place for your sole motive. On arriving at those regions, you could see Seethargundu Waterfalls, Vittu Thotti Waterfalls, Palakpandi Waterfall and many more other smaller cascading falls.

Challenging trekking route

The small town of Kollengode is that surprisingly diverse travel location that could excite any tourists. Adventure enthusiasts who are vacationing in the place could make their adrenaline rush by venturing out to the nearby Nelliyampathy Hills, Govindamalai peak and Seetharkundu hills. You could experience the diverse flora and fauna to which the dense forest covers are a home.

Not many tourists had thought about considering this adorable hamlet as a travel destination. However, now you have got enough reasons to pack your bags and head to Kollengode in your very next vacation. Apart from them, there are various unexplored locations spread across Palakkad, where you may discover the historical relics if any, other than venturing out to its vast expansive paddy fields and distant high hills.

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