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Like in life, your car may stun you sometimes with unwelcoming news. It could be anything from brake failure to oil leakage and stranding you alone on the road. All of these can lead you to costly repairs.

Before leading you to a major problem, your car gives you various signals. The only thing you need to do is to understand those signs and take action on it. Because your journey would be smooth only if your car is healthy.

If you are unaware of the signals which usually a car gives when it needs a trip to the garage, do not take so much stress. Because we’ve put down 6 signs to help you avoid the surprise breakdown of your car.

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  1. Warning lights:

A yellow or red light on your car’s dashboard typically throws a light on a problem in the engine. It is giving you a signal to take your car to a repairer’s shop and get it checked. As soon as you come across this light, book it in for a service as soon as possible.

Nowadays, you don’t need to waste time and energy on jotting down your service date in your diary. Because some modern cars also have a service light which is one of the signs that you need car service. While, this spanner-shaped light shouldn’t worry you much, but it’s always advisable to not ignore for too long.

  1. Irregular noise:

When your car is running well, it makes normal noise. But when you start hearing irregular noise from your car, then understand its emotions. It is asking for your attention. Though you may not consider it as a major one while driving, it’s one of the warning signs for you.

We’ve listed down some irregular sounds which you may hear from your car,indicating you some issues:

  • Long and high-pitched sound under the bonnet: This could happen because of the loose belt which can lead to overheating and battery-related problems.
  • Loud fatigue noise: This might be due to a hole or a crack in your exhaust pipe and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can fall out.
  • Inconsistent engine noise: You will hear this sound when your car is resting. This could indicate fixing of spark plugs but showing to the mechanic would make more sense.
  • Scraping sound: This type of sound coming from your car could mean some broken part is scraping with something else. And can lead to extra damage to your car.
  • Grinding sound: You will hear this type of sound when you will step on your brake, indicating worn brake pads.
  • Crunching noise: Fluids and other parts need replacement because of a lot of wear and tear in the gearbox. If you hear this crunching noise on changing your gear, then be ready to take it to a service center.
  1. Smoke:

If you see smoke coming out from under the bonnet, then your car is showing a sign of overheating. This could severely damage your engine if you continue driving. Thus, check the temperature gauge on the dashboard and be sure that it is not increasing. If it is going up, then stop your car and let your engine cool down.

Whereas, if you find excessive blue smoke coming out from the exhaust pipe, then it is an oil leakage problem. You may also notice a burning smell coming out of it. It can be dangerous to your life, so whenever, you watch such signals, take it directly to a mechanic.

  1. Leakage:

Any type of leakage in your car is another signal, alerting you to take it to a repairman. When you move your car from the parking area, check whether there is any kind of oil stain or brake fluids leaks. Because your mechanic could ask you questions in these areas.

  1. Unusual vibrations:

Whenever car owners feel sudden unusual vibrations, they ignore it thinking that the surface of the road is the problem. But it could be due to tyre wear also. Therefore, checking it on time would save your life.

You may also face worn-out brake discs problem, giving you signs of brake repairs. Other issues could be a suspension or steering problem in your car. A mechanic can accurately understand the problem, so without wasting a single moment, take your car to the repairer’s shop.

  1. Ignition issues:

If after turning the key a few times, your car is not turning on or it comes to a halt after turning on, then there is a problem. It could be related to a dying battery or a broken starter motor. Such ignition issues need to be addressed on time before it turns out to be worse.

Final wrap:

As a responsible owner of your car, you should not only service your car regularly but also understand the above signals indicated in your car. No matter the sign is a major one or minor, trust your instincts and take your car to the serviceman. Because there is nothing wrong to be proactive.

For a successful journey, never wait for something to go wrong and always keep yourself and your car healthy.

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