The electrical panel in your home is one of the most crucial aspects for your convenience and safety. Despite its importance, only a few of us understand the basics of it. Being a homeowner, it is important to know all the warning signs associated with the electrical system of your home.

The electrical problems frequently appear when you are living in an old house. But poor installation and power surges can affect electrical systems of rather newly built houses.

Assessing the condition of an electric panel is an inevitable yet difficult task. You may need professional help for inspection, repairs, and replacements. When is the right time to hire a certified electrician? Here are 6 warning signs that your electric panel needs an upgrade.

1. Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

Circuit breakers are installed to protect your house electrical system from overloading. Occasional trips from the circuit breaker show that the breaker is doing its job. When you have to deal with frequent trips, this is a warning sign of faulty wiring and panel issues.

2. Charred Or Broken Outlets

If you are looking for warning signs of electric panel damages, check the outlets. Any charring, discoloration, or broken outlets indicate severe underlying issues.

It is best to hire an electrician and request electrical panel updates before things get worse. Finding soot on your outlets is also a pretty bad sign.

3. Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are one of the most easily identified warning signs. Flickering lights are not due to some supernatural power on its job but is caused by certain issues in the power supply. If lights flicker in only one of your rooms, it may be the faulty bulb.

In some homes, the light starts to flicker when heavy appliances are switched on or off. If such is that case with you, your electric panel needs an upgrade. Hire a certified technician to sort out the issue.

When the whole of your neighborhood has flickering lights in their homes, it is time to inform your power supply company.

4. Signs Of Rust

The electrical panels are generally made up of metal or plastics. If you see any signs of rust, it’s time for quick replacements. The rust indicates that moisture has found its way into the panel.

Signs of water in the vicinity of electric panels are never a good sight. It can lead to electrocutions and shocks. It is best to request an electric panel replacement. Make sure that you hire a certified technician for the job.

5. Hot Light Switches

When your light switches feel hot to touch, never ignore it. Get a professional to inspect and fix the underlying issues.

6. Burned Areas In The Panel

Just like every other thing, the electric panel breaks down eventually. The wiring and panel wear down at a faster pace when you are living in humid areas. If you see any damages in the wire’s insulation, they can produce electric arcs that ultimately lead to electric fires. Stay alert and safe.