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conference equipment rental in Dubai

In the rapidly changing business world, there is a need to focus on customers first with a focus on relationships and to bring partners together. This requires having a conference room with the right technology for a seamless connection. It allows building relationships on a deeper level compared to relying on audio alone. The right audio visual equipment is essential to optimize collaborative efforts while maximizing efficiency. Some audio visual equipment to hire when holding a conference includes the following:


A conference room needs displays to make a visual aspect. This collaborative tool is the first feature people notice on entering your conference room. Displays allow viewing presentations and sharing information from tablets, laptops, and smartphones. When renting displays for your conference, look for a vendor with state of the art equipment. The standard display technology is 4K UHD and requires bandwidth and content for optimal image quality.

For a small conference room, book single displays while dual displays are ideal for heavy video calls. Dual or tri displays allow video conferencing and screen sharing to the maximum. Dual displays allow picture view for attendees to view the content presented and other participants on video. This is very important for team collaboration and seeing nuances including facial expressions during the presentation.

Audio or video conferencing

When considering conference equipment rental in Dubai , audio and video conferencing is essential. You have to find a company with quality conferencing equipment for video from brands including Zoom, Poly, Teams, StarLeaf, and Life Size. The ideal platform should offer Google and Outlook integration to allow meeting scheduling. This should come with a push to join button.

Video calling is part of mainstream conferencing to allow participants to call in from various locations. You need video conferencing technology to handle various situations regardless of the system. Audio conferencing is essential in conference room communication. The rule of thumb is to have efficient audio and video conferencing in your conference room. Your technology partner should avail all appropriate A/V equipment to enhance functionality.

Microphones and speakers

Your conference room needs microphones and speakers as part of your audio visual equipment. The options include an on-table, in-ceiling, and sound bar for mounting below the display in a tiny conference room. The choice of microphones and speakers depends on space features and how you are planning to use the room. This will allow your audio visual service provider to avail you of the right microphones and speakers. The choice of microphones and speakers will have a significant effect on your conference success. This should have features including reducing echo, feedback, and other noises.


A conference room for video calls needs equipping with a camera. Options include tiny cameras and sophisticated ones. The choice of camera for the conference room depends on various aspects including room furniture configuration. A camera with a 180-degree view angle allows capturing a wider field of view. Larger conference rooms need pan-tilt-zoom cameras. You’re A/V partner will determine the appropriate camera solutions for your conference.

Internet connectivity

Holding a conference requires internet connectivity with options including wired and wireless or a combination of both. Each option has pros and cons. Internet is essential for the live streaming of the conference and audio or video conferencing. Wireless internet is a better choice for eliminating clutter. Wired internet offers higher quality and stable presentation experience and the wires are discretely placed. You can have the tables with electrical outlets to allow charging smart devices or plug and play wired connections. Wireless connectivity allows screen share with no need to plugin.

Control panel

This is the control center of the conference room audio visual system. It should be easy to use with a friendly user interface. With this, your staff will find it easy to connect video calls and launch presentations. This should allow seamless transition from video conferencing to screen sharing presentation at the touch of a button. You’re A/V service vendor should offer the right programming for the control system to work with all your conference room equipment.

Interactive whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard is essential when hosting brainstorming sessions for visual learners in your conference room. The ideal interactive display should allow writing directly on the whiteboard in various colors and to annotate over web pages and documents. An interactive whiteboard is ideal for video conferencing while on call. This allows connecting with other conference participants in real-time or offline. Your staff will be able to present over video conferencing for a more engaging on the call experience.

Room scheduling

You have an opportunity to increase efficiency and valuable analytics outside your conference room. Appropriate room scheduling is essential with a touch-panel display outside the conference room. This might be in the form of LED showing red or green according to the room’s availability. The room scheduler shows red when occupied and green when available. With this, employees can tell when there’s an impromptu meeting.

Bottom line

A conference room is essential for a business establishment. However, it needs the appropriate equipment to make the most of its features. You need to find a reputable A/V partner to rent appropriate equipment for a successful conference.

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