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The Ecommerce industry is witnessing exponential growth over the years. The global ecommerce sales are expected to hit 6500+billion dollars of USD, by 2023, according to the studies of Statista

To thrive in this competition, you need to adopt several ideas from time to time. As a business, your ultimate goal is to satisfy your customers. To optimize the performance of your store, you need to add specific functionalities that must comply with the industry standards. 

What’s the goal of any business in the online market? 

To get better visibility on the renowned search engines like Google and get optimum sales! 

What could be better than your beloved search engine Google helping you run your ecommerce business and accomplish your end goals? 

Of course, that’s a fantastic thing! 

To enhance your experience of ecommerce web development, we are listing top 7 Google apps that can be of great help for your business:

  1. Google product review: When you integrate the plugin of Google product review to your WooCommerce store, you can display star ratings and reviews of your products. Such reviews can be displayed in your Google Shopping ads. It’s a common notion that we believe what people say. And, when other users of your products share genuine reviews, they will feel more confident about your products and services. It helps in improving the rank of your business by updating the CTR in Google Shopping Ads. 
  2. Google Maps: To build the authenticity of your business, you must be reachable to your customers. The integration of customized Google maps to your ecommerce site helps your customers with the page maps and connecting routes. The plugin of Google maps is free-to-use, even in its premium version. Without any requirement of core codes, its implementation is relatively easy. 
  3. Google Product feed: You grow as you share. Google Product Feed enables you to share your real-time feeds in Google Merchant Center. Since it is directly linked with Google Ads, your product feeds are getting real-time promotion advantages. Thus, it unfolds new pathways to grow. Though the plugin will cost your $79/year, it’s worth investing. 
  4. Google Adsense: We believe that you’ve heard a lot about making some extra cash with your website by deploying Google Adsense. The integration of advanced Google Adsense plugins, namely AdSense and AdInserter, can help you manage your ads and display ads. There are thousands of ecommerce plugins that you can download for your WordPress store by linking them. Both of these plugins are free to use, even with their premium functionalities. You can create and display unlimited ad units, group the ads as per your target audience, automate, and rotate them. 
  5. Google analytics: When talking about the optimization of your ecommerce store, Google analytics ranks first to collect all of your data on the ecommerce site. It helps understand your target audience, build the conversion goals, and optimize them at the various stages. You can connect your ecommerce store with Google analytics by adding the code in the header section of the core code of your theme. If you are using WordPress for ecommerce web development, you can connect them by installing plugin by MonsterInsights. As a WooCommerce user, you can also use the WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro plugin to connect the WooCommerce shop with Google Analytics. The benefit of using these plugins is, you can view the brief information within the same dashboard, and for details, you can check on Google Analytics. 
  6. Advertise with Google Ads: When you are just surfacing the market, people aren’t aware of your brand. To promote brand awareness, you can create marketing campaigns with Google ads. You can integrate the Google ads plugin to your store and can create directly from the ad manager section. Google arm you with all the tools like Google keyword planner, Google tag manager, etc. to optimize your ad campaigns in a fashion that you can make most of them. 
  7. Track the conversion of your Google ads: You want to sell your products, you surely have to promote them in the market. Now, the challenge is, how would you know if your ads are performing well or not? You need to keep track of it! WooCommerce Google Ads conversion tracking plugin and WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro can help you gain insights about traffic at your store. The former plugin is free, and later one charges $79/year for a single website. They help you upgrade your sales funnel and make sure that your rate of conversion upgrades with the time. 

The benefit of employing Google plugins is, Google updates them continuously as per the change in their ranking algorithm. So, your ecommerce business will not face the adverse impact of Google’s updates. 

Most of these ecommerce plugins are more comfortable to use. However, marketing experts can guide you better in analyzing your data and how you leverage it to grow your business. If you are looking for professional assistance to handle your ecommerce stores or create a web store, you can write to us at We are successfully serving in the IT industry for over a decade now, helping businesses flourish. 

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