Yoga - a good healthy habbit

A beautiful girl doing yoga

In the last two decades, psychologists have learned torture of a lot about how habits work, why they emerge and more importantly, how we can change our bad ones and replace them with good ones. Even with the meal we decide for dinner, the coffee we order at lunch, and the route we drive to work. These all are the result of habits.

Here are 7 proven tips to build new habits and make them stick forever

Don’t get too comfortable

James Clear talks about “The Goldilocks Rule” which asserts that to achieve a goal, you have to seek out the sweet spot. If your workout is too easy, you will get bored and you will no longer want to do it. And. If your workout is hard to do and complex, you will eventually get frustrated. Don’t settle when you achieve your smaller goals. You need to constantly be working at the edge of your comfort level to improve.

If your goal is to clean up your eating with a muscle gain diet plan 7 days, don’t stop once your breakfast is on autopilot. Change things up. Try to prepare and plan your meal and your lunches. When it becomes your habit, move on to your dinner.

If you want to get in shape, you have to constantly push yourself a little bit further. Maybe you start off doing five pushups or doing yoga asnas in the morning. Once that becomes easy and automatic, guess what you need to do? Crank it up to ten.

Make your progress visible

Please note that you shouldn’t treat yourself with bad food. You cannot award yourself with the bad habit that you  are trying to get rid of. Let us say that your goal is to drink plenty of water throughout a day. Get yourself a transparent water bottle with measurements on the side so you can track it efficiently. You can buy any water bottle with measures online.

This is not silly at all. I made myself a sheet that I have attached to my fridge and used tiny stickers to track my daily activities. And, let me tell you that it actually worked for me. You should give it a try!!!

I felt much more accountable with that chart staring me in the face every time I went to the fridge. Plus, I don’t care how old you are, stickers are always motivating.

Make a healthy habit as easy as possible 

If your mornings are a chaotic mess (which may be why you hit the McDonald’s drive-thru every day), then plan. You can set out the skillet and utensils the night before and precooked parts of the meal that can be stored easily in the fridge. You can also cook a big batch of freezer-friendly breakfast treats to come over the microwave in the mornings. Remember that willpower is a muscle. We can only fight ourselves for so long before we give up. So don’t fight. Make it easy.

Break big goals down into progressive milestones

A lot of people give up on their goals because they try to do too much at once. On one of my sobriety attempts, I joined a four-week intensive boot camp the first day I quit drinking and smoking. I lasted a week and ended up with pneumonia because my body and brain were like, “Whoa what is all this?!”

You have to break your overall goal into bite-sized pieces.

Let’s take weight loss as an example.

If you want to lose weight and are starting from zero – no real healthy eating habits to speak of – you need to break your goal down into manageable parts.

Choose a few easy habit wins

Some good habits are easier to develop than others. Going to the gym every day is significantly harder for most people than say, committing to drinking more water.

Need to accept every small healthy habit, your master becomes a stepping stone towards your finished goal. The beauty of this process is that you don’t feel like you’re suffering through it. Quite the opposite.

So give yourself some easy wins that will help you towards your bigger, more challenging goals. Examples of this could be committing to starting your day off with five pushups.

Create a healthy-habit-friendly environment

As we know, the less effort your healthy habit takes to adopt, the more likely you are to stick with it. Make your environment to assist you to achieve your goals. Let’s say after you master the art of eating a healthy breakfast, you decide to move on to snacks. To make this easy on yourself, you need to get your healthy snacks and put them in visible, accessible places.