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The rate at which developments have taken place is unbelievable and as a testament to that, the education system has been constantly refined and updated in order to keep up with all the changes. Students find it to be a true challenge to cope up with these rapid changes. Hence many struggles to achieve excellence though they have the determination and mental capacity to do so. 

What do we mean by “studying more in less”? 



Time is the biggest villain for students because it almost seems impossible to complete homework, assignments, work on projects and study within the few hours available after school (many hours are spent in school since there is a concept of ‘night study sessions’ as well). 

The key to excelling even in this complex situation which makes this seem impossible is to keep one’s mind and body healthy, as well as to follow specific study strategies that will enable students to increase productivity and most importantly efficiency!





Within a short span of time, a student has to be able to absorb as much information as possible and should be able to retain that in his or her mind as well. The memory has to be trained well enough to be able to recall the content during any class tests or examinations, or even when they are simply being questioned.

This requires one to follow some techniques to sharpen their mind, train their memory and remain disciplined throughout the process in order to achieve the grade they desire. 

So, here are some important tips (which includes study strategies as well as suggestions of ways to keep one’s mind and body healthy) …


The best way to have a clear mindset during study sessions is to be clear about the purpose and intended outcome. Smart studying requires questioning yourself throughout the process.

Before your study session:

  • What am I about to learn?
  • What is my current knowledge about this concept that I am about to learn?

During your study session:

  • What is the purpose of the concept that I am learning?
  • Do I understand what I have just read?
  • How can I rephrase this to suit my understanding?
  • What are the important key words I need to look out for? 

After your study session:

  • What have I understood?
  • Do I have to unlearn or relearn any concepts?

This self-analysis is important to set your mind on a clear path and that way information that you internalize will get stored in an organized manner (without logic gaps) in your mind. 




Keeping the core temperature of your body at the optimum level is essential. Because this is what helps the brain function at its best. When you take a cold shower, your body copes with the initial shock (due to exposure to the lower temperature of water) by increasing your breathing rate. Hence, more oxygen gets delivered to your lungs and your body gets an increased amount of oxygenated blood. There will be increased oxygenation to your brain and the heat loss from your body. Also will enable your state of mind to become much calmer. 




It is essential to supply your body with the nutrition that it needs. Restore the salts and electrolytes that your body has lost. Make sure you eat wholesome home-cooked food which consists of lots of fiber to help with digestion. Moreover, taking salt and spice within moderate amounts will help you avoid suffering from heart-burns due to acid reflux. The gut is like a “second brain” and there is a strong correlation between the health of your gut and the mind. 



A messy table can be frustrating and that naturally takes away the interest of studying. Hence, have a few designated working spaces and alternate your study sessions with different locations. Your brain needs the change in location because different stimulations keep it going without causing it to tire out. Try to reserve your bed for sleeping and avoid studying in it as well!



Though you may have a tight schedule of completing tutorials and worksheets, you need to learn how to never brush away revision work and leave it aside to deal with later. There are various platforms (top tuition centres in Singapore have websites that provide this) from which you can obtain free test papers. Constant practice sessions enable the mind to be trained constantly. 





The study materials given in schools are usually restricted to what the syllabuses demand and do not provide information or insights beyond the syllabus. It is essential to look at the bigger picture and understand the purpose of the concept. This is the reason why many opt for home tuition in Singapore in order to get personalized teaching and proper attention. 



It has become a fashion to stay up late in the night until 2 am or so to finish assignments or to study. Being nocturnal is actually working against the biological clock.

We have gotten used to defying nature and working against the circadian rhythm that has been coded in your genetics. An important chemical called ‘Melatonin’ is secreted when night falls and only in complete darkness (hence the reason why you are often told not to use your phone or laptop right before you fall asleep). If you continue to stay up late, you will inhibit the secretion of important hormones and chemicals like melatonin and this will lead to dangerous consequences like cancer over time.

Your health is precious, don’t lose it. 



The journey will certainly not be easy and you need to stay motivated till the end to see yourself succeed. Follow the tips and strategies which you think works for you. Work hard to push yourself till the very end to achieve what you have set out for!

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