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As the landscape of the influencer marketing changes, the strategies tend to change too. As the same strategies cannot be used repeatedly, keeping the pace with the change is necessary to expect optimum results. For instance, the impact of influencer marketing was measured by the number of likes. But now, the success and positive impact depend on the quality and authenticity of the content that brings more engagement. A big shot celebrity influencers with millions and billions of followings get likes in no time. But as people are realising the lack of authenticity, rise in content creators have taken place with more impact on the niche audience, also known as influencer marketing. 

The incline in Influencer marketing company is noticeable as brands keep up with the dynamics influencer marketing strategies. To be more effective, optimising the trends is a must. Here are a few of many trends that need to be looked out for. 


1. Domination of Audio Branding


A shift in the type of content of influencers is evidently visible in the past years. Primarily, the main focus was on the sponsored posts, from which it shifted to visual content (Videos) and the audio content (Podcasts). Experts say in 2020, it is expected to see a lot more of video content and the rise in the podcast content from influencers. 

Video marketing has come up as the royalty of content marketing in the years. A report from Wizowyl presents that 72% of people prefer to get brand and product information through the video content instead of text. 

Audio Content, that is Podcasts, on the other hand, will surprise a few. While it has been around for a few years but it is only beginning to reach the high heights. Statistically speaking, 69% of consumers learn about new brands and products through the podcast ads. As the audience demands more engaging types of content, audio and video marketing ranks the top in the scale. 


2. Fictional Influencers!


In the history of influencer marketing, we can remember Santa Claus’s figure being used in the promotion of Coca-Cola, or another well-known character, Tony the Tiger, who graces Kellogg’s packaging. Celebrities are commonly known to endorse the brands as well. Then came the influencers with their organic audience. Now in this time, anyone with an opinion can become an influencer with right communicative and digital tactics. 

But what is ahead in influencer marketing are the influencers that are not even humans. With the advancement in technology, influencer marketing is firmly rooted in progress. Through the CGI, life-like figures are already making a huge wave in today’s marketing landscape. Lil Miquela, a fictional character created in 2016, is a CGI influencer that is in hot demand endorsing for brands like Diesel, Prada, etc. 

This futuristic style of influencer marketing appeals to the younger and tech-savvy demographics. This strategy also gives brands total autonomy over language and behaviour. 


3. Influencer Marketing As A Business


Influencer Marketing in itself is becoming a profession. Learning digital skills is very easy in this age due to which more and more people are undergoing a freelance revolution, taking a leap into self-employment and entrepreneurship. 

Modern companies are encouraging employees to become social influencers. This is eliminating the needs of third party platforms and contract marketers. Organisations are taking the inward route to expose their own talents.


4. Boom Of Micro-Influencers 


Micro-influencers are social media personalities who have the audience between 1000-10000, unlike the top ones who have millions of followers, but micro-influencers offer often more authentic and valuable marketing opportunities. These influencers are perceived as “people like me”, with organic loyal followers base. 


5. Optimum Utilisation Of Various Platforms


An Influencer Marketing platform is a software solution to assist brands with their campaigns, acting as a support to make life easier for both brands and agencies while working with the influencers. Some of the top platforms like Upfluence, AspireIQ, Influential, etc. have advanced integrated features such as Influencer Discovery tools, Massive Influencer Searchable Databases, Content Management and Reports & Analysis. These platforms are always growing beyond their basic functions. Optimising these platforms will enable the organisation to manage the campaigns form in-house by utilising the platform for running activities instead of handing it to third party agencies. 


6. Merge Of The Trio Of Online Marketing


The concept of Social Media, content marketing and influencer marketing is tended to be discrete entities of online marketing. But firms like Confluencr, whose name is derived from Content Strategy + Influencer Marketing, is an example of the upcoming trend. What it means is that firms nowadays make their own content in the form of blogs, creatives, etc and share on their own social platforms in association with the influencer. 


7. Upcoming Effective Tools


Instagram, YouTube and Facebook are the common platforms for influencer marketing. But the trend for TikTok is something that should be looked out for. It is the most notable additions to the social platforms lined up in the ever-growing and is popular. Nicole Ciotti, the co-founder of Storyluxe App and the content creator, says it is predicted that platform like TikTok is a hot topic for 2020. Its natural virality interface affords the brands to multiply their marketing efforts. Along with this, she believes that more platforms will be popping up to help brands to better measure the performance metrics. 

It is the efforts of trial and error to demonstrate the upcoming trend in Influencer Marketing. These are the few trends that are proved to be performing better in terms of customer engagement and conversion. The demands of the audience are dynamic as the market and hence the influencer marketing strategies. 

Influencer Marketing agency like Confluencr is the uprising firm that takes advantage of the content strategy and the influencer marketing, merging them to get the optimum results through social media marketing. Going hand in hand with the trends is must to be on the top of the complex stack of influencer marketing strategies. 


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