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Global Africa

Summary: Here are seven things that you may have never heard about Africa.

Africa is undoubtedly one of the most exotic and most beautiful continents on our planet. It is unique in its way. The flora and fauna that you find in this place, as well as the race of the people who live here, are quite different. People are always excited to learn a little bit more about this beautiful region.

It would be best if you planned to attend the Global Africa Conference if you want to learn a bit more about this exotic place on the planet Earth. Speakers from different universities will come to this kind of conference and share their thoughts and experiences with you. Once you attend this kind of event, your knowledge expands widely, and you will love what you learn here.

There are many things that you will learn about Africa when you attend this kind of conference. Here is a list of things that you might have never known about Africa.

Continent With Many Countries: While Asia has only 48 countries, North America has 23 states, while South America has only 12 states. Europe is an abode for 44 countries. Australia is home to 3 countries.

But, the continent of Africa has the highest number of countries in the world. There are more than 54 countries on it. It only means that there is so much diversity in this region than anywhere else on the planet.

The culture in each of these countries differ. As you learn about each of these countries, you are going to expand your knowledge about these nations. You will appreciate the diversity that is existent in Africa.

Minerals in the World: It is fascinating to note that almost 30% of the minerals that you find on our planet is in Africa. Now, what this implies is that Africa has nearly 40% of the Gold Reserves and almost 90% of the platinum reserves. Everything thinks that the middle eastern countries are the largest exporters of oil.

But, do you know that Africa is the fifth biggest exporter of oil. They are ahead of Kuwait and Iraq indeed. Now, this is another reason why Africa is bigger than what most of us imagine it to be.

Languages Spoken in Africa: It is startling to note that almost 25% of the languages that people speak in the world is something that most of the Africans speak. People use more than 2000 languages in this beautiful continent. Nigeria itself has more than 500 living languages, which are quite fascinating. 50% of the french population call Africa their home. Arabic is also spoken widely in this region. English, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa are other famous languages that people talk extensively on this continent.

The Climate Zones: Africa is the only continent on the planet that extends its landmass to not only the north temperate zone but also to the south temperate zone. No wonder why it is the driest and hottest region on the planet. Africa is almost four times bigger than Europe in its size. However, it has a shorter coastline even though it is the second-largest continent on our planet.

A Lot of Young People: It is fascinating to note that almost 50% of the population that you find in Africa are youngsters. And the best part is that virtually all these youngsters are below 20 years of age. Now, this is the main reason why the child dependence rate in Africa is the highest.

Influence of Nigeria: Most of the population in Africa comes from Nigeria. Almost 154.7 million people reside in this continent, which is approximately 18% of the population. Most of the Nigerians depend on agriculture for livelihood. But, Nollywood is the second biggest employer in the country.

This movie industry is quite big and produces a significant number of movies every year. Nigeria is home to more than 250 ethnic groups. It has a huge export market, making it one of the largest economies in Africa. Nigeria thus has a strong influence on all of its neighboring countries.

Animals on the Planet: Africa is the house to some of the most exotic animals on the Earth. The tallest animal Giraffe, and the biggest animal, Elephant, and the fastest animal Cheetah, hail from this place. Hippos and Rhinos are also from this continent. There are a lot of other animals and flowers that grow in this habitat. If you are a nature lover, you will love learning about the different species of plants and animals that grow in this place.

If you attend the Global Africa Conference, you are going to learn a lot about this continent than never before. You are going to expand your understanding of this particular landmass on our planet. Your desire to go and visit this planet is going to multiply for sure.

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