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7 Mind-Bending Forts in Pakistan

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People love the journeys between the east coast and the west coast, but we completely ignore the fact that Pakistan itself has many tourist opportunities. There are many locations in each province of the country that are relatively unknown. Take your cheap flights to this magnificent country to do something else and exciting, besides just traveling to regular places. We have put up a list of magnificent and majestic historical forts that you should have on your magnificent Pakistani concert list.

1 – Ranikot Fort

Sindh as a real estate plot has long lived in a straight line, thanks to which it has many archaeological sites, some of which are mysterious, Rani Kot is one of his examples. It is about 260 km from Karachi. The journey is also extraordinarily intriguing and pleasant because it covers a large part of the field. After about 3 hours of driving, the Ranikot dividers clearly ended. He was considered the most massive fort in the world. Amazing Ranikot, walking forward along the connecting street, appeared nearby. There are four main fortifications. It is about 9 km across, and 13 km from the outside and the stones dividing the sand are 6 meters high. You can have all-encompassing perspectives of scenes around the fortress, remaining on its divisions.

2 – Rohtas Fort

Located in the city of Dina, near the city of Jhelum, Fort Rohtas is at the forefront of Pakistan’s forts. It was built by King Sher Shah Suri in 1540-1547 AD. The real purpose of building this fort was to break off the strength of local Potohar tribes called Gakhars. The king wanted to use Fort Rohtas during the war and wanted to save his rule. When it comes to architecture, the fort has 5.2 km in its territory, which is beautifully surrounded by hills. Most of its parts feature a beautiful work of Ashlar stones, and this fort has 11 gates. You can reach this place from Islamabad or from Lahore. You can quickly check Serene Air ticket price any moment and take, which suits your time and budget to any big city of Pakistan.

3 – Altit Fort

Located in Karim Abad in the Hunza Valley in Gilgit Baltistan, Fort Altit was formerly the home of the hereditary rulers of the Hunza state who wore the title Mir. It is believed that the fort is about 900 years old, which makes it the oldest monument in Gilgit – Baltistan. Fort Altit fell into ruin but was rebuilt by the Aga Khan Trust, with the help of the Norwegian and Japanese governments. It has been open to the public since 2007.

4 – Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort is also located in Hunza and is newer than Altit. While Altit was an old fort used by the Mirs, they moved to Baltit shortly after its construction. The fort was honored with the Award of Excellence at the UNESCO 2004 Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for the protection of cultural heritage. The second floor consists of an open terrace, and the main attraction is the royal throne under a wooden canopy. Bay windows provide a fantastic view of the valley below. On the third floor, there is a small mosque.
Islamabad is the gateway to northern Pakistan, and you have to take cheap flights to Islamabad first to further take a road trip to Hunza.

5 – Red Fort

The Red Fort, also known as Muzaffarabad, is located on the Neelum River in the Muzaffarabad district of Kashmir. It is said that the construction of the fort was initially undertaken by the rulers of the Chukkas, but it was completed by Sultan Muzaffar Khan. The fort lost its importance during the Mughal rule in Kashmir because they were more interested in Kabul, Bokhara, and Badakhshan. The fort was once again in the spotlight and regained its importance during Durrani’s rule in the area. Later, the rulers of Dogra, Maharaja Gulab Singh, and Rambir Singh rebuilt and expanded the fort for the needs of political and military operations. The fort is surrounded on three sides by the Neelum River. Its architecture shows that great design and construction experts participated in its construction.

6 – Bala Hissar Fort

Known locally as Qila Bala Hissar, translates into “High Fort” and has its origin in Persian. It remains one of the most historically significant places in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The fort has served as the headquarters of the Border Corps since 1949. However, the provincial assembly passed a resolution in 2014 to make it a tourist fort. It has not happened yet. Historically, the fort was used as the winter capital of the Durrani Afghan Empire, while Kabul remained summer. First, you will have to reach Peshawar, and you can opt for any airline, but Serene Air ticket prices are mostly at the lowest, so it can be a good option.

7 – Kot Diji Fort

Fort Kot Diji is also known as Fort Ahmadabad. Located in the city of Kot Diji, in the Khairpur district. It served as the residence of the Khairpur rulers in times of peace and was built in the 18th century. The fort was built of oven-baked bricks on a limestone hill. Bricks were a more strategic choice of builders because the local limestone was too fragile to withstand the attack of opposing forces.
The rulers moved to another safe place during the war as a precaution, Fort Kot Diji has never been attacked throughout history.


Pakistan is a land of natural beauty. It has many natural places to visit and many beautiful historical places built by humanity from different eras and attract the attention of visitors from around the world. Take your cheap flights to Pakistan right now because you need to visit this place yourself to see the real beauty of all these forts.

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