WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that every marketer uses for creating their exclusive business websites. Due to its numerous uses, word press security has gained huge importance via every website owner.


As per SEO Brisbane, if you talk about WordPress hacking then is not just about risk elimination, but also about risk reduction. And as a business owner, if you are using a WordPress website then it is very essential to improve your WordPress security. The main reason why the site hacks is due to weak passwords, outdated plugins or themes, and poor-quality web hosting.


Why Protection or site security is important:

Generally, the main purpose of website security is to keep your site safe from hackers and cyber-thieves. And prevent them from accessing sensitive information that can be very risky for your business. If your website is a business, then you need to pay extra attention to your WordPress security.

Luckily, there are few proven ways to protect WordPress from hacking: 

  1. Strong Password Protection:

First and foremost, use strong passwords & management. The main reasons for the website are hacked because hackers find a way to discover your password. And it is possible when your security password is week. To prevent yourself from this type of attacks, make sure you use strong passwords. There are multiple areas where you need to add a password such as admin logins, databases, FTP/sFTP, etc. So make sure to create complex passwords for every page to keep it safe and secure.

For example: $1mpLePas$$w0rd!, W0rD!!Pr3$$123, sHW1E$Br0wN

Bonus tip: Don’t you use the same password for every single page. If the hacker gets one password, it means they have complete access of your site.

  1. Use the latest-updated version of WordPress:

Another way to protect WordPress from hacking is that make use of a latest-updated version of WordPress instead of using the old one. According to the search, there are 80% of people make use of WordPress with an outdated version. And at last, they face hacked issues. But when you make use of the latest version, it comes with few features, bugfixes and security fixes. And this can help to keep your site safe and easy-to-exploit vulnerabilities.

  1. Keep all the themes and Plugins of WordPress Secure & Updated:

Now, most of you think that, if you are using the latest version then why you need to use updated themes and plugins? Well, only running the latest version is not enough, but your site plugins and themes also contain vulnerabilities. So, it is very essential to use updated WordPress themes and Plugins. Through this, you can make sure that your site is covered with the latest security updates.

  1. Make Sure Don’t Login On Public Wi-Fi Networks:

Don’t make use of public networks for login. It is because giving your login credentials to someone’s network might run sniffing software. If your site does not have installed SSL certificates that can interrupt your username and password, then you can make use of VPN services for encrypting the traffic on the network. It’s good to use a VPN service which makes you stay in a private network instead of public networks.

  1. Protect Login Page:

As per the Web Design Agency Sunshine Coast, WordPress Login Page is the main target for hackers. And keeping it safe and secure appropriate security is very essential. There are few ways through which you can keep your WordPress login page safe such as:

  • Try to make use of different username for login page instead of using “admin”.
  • Reduce the number of attempts on login
  • Add an authentication code in your site login process
  • Change the URL of your login page by bitly the link or using WPS Hide Login
  • To protect the sensitive information of your customers and visitors, make sure you use a secure socket layer.
  1. Check Your Server Settings:

Besides WordPress Installation, webserver is another thing that hackers can hack easily. So, it is very essential to check to server settings and secure it with a strong username and security passwords. And also enable email notifications to get notified whenever someone is logged-in to your server.

Bonus Tip: Make sure you use different passwords and usernames for hosting a web server.

  1. Switch to Website Firewall:

Last but not least! If you do not update your WordPress due to any reason for themes or plugins then you can opt. to Firewall. It is another way through which you can keep your WordPress safe from hackers. A firewall allows good traffic to pass through to your website and filtering out bad requests. It also adds a virtual security update to your sites. Moreover, it also offers a cloud-based WAF that easily stops and prevents website from hacks and attacks.