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After the changes occurs through 4th technology revolution people are scared of unemployment, jobs take over by Robots etc. However, this is not the case in every field Machine learning a particular domain of Artificial Intelligence; it has been under the eyes of many developers, software engineers to set their career higher according to the changes.  Even if a beginner who have no idea about the programming or math there is nothing to worry about, as it is based on your own interest and motivation level.

There are many courses or an online platform that aims to help you in python as it is considered to be the first on the list of all AI development language, this is because it is simple and easy to learn. Even buy essay online has been progressive lately in adding the subject area to help students learn about machine learning.

What is Python?

Do you guys have any idea about what is Python and how it works? It is interpreted, high level programming language. It was first release in 1991 by Guido Van. The benefit it provides to build in data structure, and make it very attractive for rapid application development.

Why should we learn python?

If you want to be a successful coder, you need a lot of learning and a lot more to go. It doesn’t matter you need to learn till the whole beginner to intermediate level the whole python concepts. However, you need to focus on one coding language and master till you become perfect in it. It doesn’t matter if you can’t be a pro programmer genius. By focusing on Python it will help you jump into the field of machine learning and data science.

Let’s start the section of mastering machine learning with 7 basic step by step methods…

Machine learning process you need to know first

The machine learning process is based on experience or experimentation. For instance, you playing chess or any other game it is basically a situation of observation as you need to be alert while playing. In this way machine learning methods are design with provision of information which they are trained for, and making judgments or ability to identify element with high probability.

Let’s us give you a brief list of stages of machines learning by assignment editing services.

  • Data collection
  • Data sorting
  • Data analysis
  • Algorithm development
  • Checking algorithm generated
  • The use of an algorithm to further conclusion

Improvise your math skills to learn PYTHON

If you aim to further go on a field where AI and ML are present hand on hand you need to polish those math skills. If you think you are not good enough to go further into mathematics then do not force yourself. You need to learn some basic solutions or knowledge to solve problems or have some understanding about it. But having full time degree in mathematics is not a solution though. Just take your time in practicing 30 to 45 minutes per day in learning advance python topics for Math and statistics.

What you have to learn mathematics for understanding python and machine learning

  • Linear algebra for data analysis: scalars, vectors, matrices and Tensors.
  • Mathematical Analysis: Derivation and Gradients
  • Gradient descent: building a simple neural network from scratch

Download python machine learning libraries

Firstly you need to make sure your system is configured for machine learning. So, remember to note the codes that are required.

  • NumPy: For numerical processing with python
  • PIL: A simple image processing library
  • scikit-learn: Contain the machine learning algorithms
  • Keras and TensorFlow: For deep learning. CPU version of tensorFlow
  • OpenCV: You can use pip to install OpenCV.
  • imutils: Computer vision convenience function.

Two datasets

While working on gaining experience in performing machine learning in Python, you need to work on two datasets.

The first dataset called Iris dataset is the machine learning beginner set for learning how to program, which is equivalent to hello World!

The second dataset called 3-scenes is also known as image dataset, where you learn data techniques through image data and also understand what techniques are better for numerical/categorical dataset or image datasets.

Machine learning topics with Pythons

With the help of scikit-learn we can take notes of in-depth explorations of the variety of common and useful algorithms. We firstly begin with K-means clustering, one the recognised machine learning algorithm. These are simple and effective methods for learning or solving unsupervised learning problems.

You can learn those topics by…

  • k-means clustering, by Jake VanderPlas
  • Linear Regression, by Jake VanderPlas
  • Logistics Regression, by Kevin Markham

Advance structured Projects

Once the master level of basics of libraries is already begin with projects that are made by you. With the help of these projects you will be able to learn new things and able to construct a portfolio for further jobs.

There are many topics available for structured projects.


This Dataquest interactively teaches Python and data science. You have to examine a series of interesting data set. You will improve tactical algorithm which add to neural network and decision tress.

Python for data analysis

It is a book written to understand the analysis of data on python

Scikit- documentation

Computer training library on python

Final thought

The machine learning with python cannot be understand easily through articles so you need to help with courses or books that can help you in understanding advancement level.

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