Weddings are expensive. And if you are about to tie the knot, you can feel it. But don’t want to drain all your savings on the D-day of your life as you have some other plans too? Then, think wisely and start saving from each thing that is related to your wedding. Why not start with your wedding gown?

There are several wedding stores that offer cheap wedding dresses. Opt for one of the stores and order a dress for you. Are you wondering that an economic wedding gown might not give you the desired look? Well, it will not be so if you focus on these things – 

  1. Go for quality fabric 

Restrict yourself from picking a fabric that does not wrinkle easily, or too shiny. While a hint of shine can give you an amazing look, too much shine can look awful. Moreover, make sure the fabric looks comfortable on your skin as you’re going to be wearing it all day long. A simple gown made out of high-quality material looks much better than an over-the-top one made from cheap fabric.

  1. Consider the shade 

Although most of the traditional gowns are white, a paper-white gown will not look good on you. Instead of giving you a stunning look, it can break the look and make it outdated. Or if you don’t want to follow the tradition, rather break it, then skip the traditional wedding gown color with a beautiful pick or gold-colored gown. Don’t hesitate to add some color to your wedding look, whether all over or only as an accent.

  1. Incorporate embellishments 

Adding embellishments can further enhance the look. In place of costly embellishments, opt for some economic ones, such as lace, beads, or crystals. These will make your dress more beautiful. Besides, you can add some simple satin sash or belt with some sparkles to show off your waistline and make your dress look well fitted. If you want to transform your entire look or add a luxe factor, you can use a veil. If your wedding gown has beading or lace, the same on the veil can make your look more cohesive.

  1. Finishing details on the dress 

Before you purchase your wedding gown, never forget to take a close look at its finishing. Falling threads, see-through linings, crooked hemlines, shabby handiwork, or loose beads will look cheap, even if they cost a fortune. In case you want to add some embellishments on your wedding gown, make sure it is properly sewn in and not just glued carelessly. If you want to alter it, make sure to do so from a professional seamstress as a well-fitting garment will always look better than an ill-fitting one.

  1. Add straps to your dress

Generally, couture gowns come with straps so you might consider adding thin straps to your strapless gown. You can also incorporate gathered straps in order to make it look super stylish. It will give a modest and elegant look to your wedding gown. Furthermore, straps help to keep everything in place so that you don’t have to keep tugging on your dress throughout the ceremony.

  1. Wear proper undergarments 

Your gown designer will know about this. So, it will be best to talk to them on the best undergarments to wear with your gown. Ensure there are no visible lumps and bumps that will show under your dress. To make sure that you get the extra support that the sewn-on bra can’t deliver, designers sometimes sew the bra to the strapless gown itself. So, never forget to talk to your designer about this.

  1. Accessorize it

Accessorizing plays a significant role in changing your look. Play up your dress with the right accessories like a statement bracelet or necklace. Always try to bring your accessories to your fitting so you know which one to go best. If you still have not found the best, continue your search.

Whether you are ordering one of the cheap sexy wedding dresses or simple ones, focusing on these things will help you to look regal even when you are spending less on your gown. 

Author bio: Maria Smith is a lifestyle blogger, and has written on topics like sexy wedding dresses. In this article, he has mentioned a few things to do to make cheap wedding dresses look expensive.